opal pendant 4050


Black Opal Pendant


Field: Queensland (Australia)


Stone Size: 17×8 mm

Metal: 925 Sterling Silver


Chain included



Packaging: Gem pouch

Guarantee: International


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Member: American Opal Society.


This black opal


Black opals come mainly from Lightning Ridge.


This one has hints of black opal mixed with the color, identifying it as a natural non synthetic precious opal.




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opal pendant Black drop set in sterling silver

Unique patterns with brilliant flashes of green against black from the famous opal fields of Lightning Ridge, set in sterling silver- FREE SHIPPING

Black opal is from the Western NSW opal fields.

Opals such as this are becoming very rare since the Lightning Ridge fields are running out.

It’s a far cry from the heady days of the nineties, when this outback opal town was so crowded with buyers that you couldn’t get a parking place in the main street, let alone find a room in the Black Opal motel, where most of the opal buying took place.

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Free extras that come with this black opal pendant

International registered airmail to your door or post office, and the black opal pendant comes dressed in a lovely black gift box or gem pouch, ready to be either gifted or stored in your jewelry collection. There is no more to pay.

What is a ‘black’ or ‘dark’ or ‘crystal’ opal or Boulder Opal? Click here to find out.


  1. Larry G Ryan

    Is this a boulder opal or is it a solid natural black opal? It is 17 x 8 mm but what is its thickness? What is meant by a “black drop?” Thanks.

    • admin

      Larry, first thanks for getting in touch. This is a solid natural black or dark opal from the Lightning Ridge field. its difficult to measure the thickness accurately because its in a bezel setting but its close to 3 mm. ‘black drop’ means that its a black opal cut and polished in the shape of a teardrop or pear shaped. if you are interested let me know and i will put a hold on it in case it sells. no obligation of course. Black opals like this are getting rarer as days go by because of the opal fields running out of them. thanks again for the inquiry, Peter

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