Double sided very large boulder opal undulate set in sterling silver

Opal Pendant 4068

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Opal Pendant – boulder opal with wonderful pattern features

Size: 51 x 38 mm

Metal:  Sterling Silver

Cord:  Leather  (comes with snake chain as well)

opal pendant Description:

This amazing huge boulder opal has been cut in its natural state showing the mother boulder ironstone entwined with beautiful greens, blues, pinks and yellow. The stone is equally as fascinating if you turn it over to look at the back and it can be worn on both sides. Boulder opals often come with the natural ‘mother’ with them giving an excellent contrast between the lighter colors of green, blue and many others with the chocolate color of the ironstone with his accompanying patterns

Opal pendants featuring boulder opal

are becoming ever more popular because of the variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. You will notice that many gemstones nowadays are calibrated so that jewelers can save themselves a lot of time by putting standard shaped opals, usually oval, but sometimes round and rectangular, into castings.  This practice is fine but in this case we have an unusual free-form shape which has to be hand made and set with claws with a simple chain bale at the top.

Opal pendants

are featured with the main color to the front and often there is little or no color on the back.  This amazing piece also has a rear of interesting patterns and color and can be reversed by the wearer at will.  A picture of the back part of the pendant is shown in the graphic on this page along with a US dime so that you can compare the size at a glance and notice that it is indeed a very large unique piece.  opal pendants of course can feature very large stones, depending on the wearers choice.

Shipping and packaging:  Free with the order.  This large piece will come in a velvet pouch. Two large for conventional jewelry boxes

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