Opal Pendant: Brilliant green opal inlay with adjunct CZ stones in heart shape set in sterling silver

Opal Pendant 4019

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Opal Pendant

 Opal inlay

Center Stone (s): 2
Stone Size: 7×6 mm

Stone Shape: rectangle set in heart shape

Opal Origin: Coober Pedy Opal Fields, Australia

Metal: Sterling Silver.

 Opal Pendant Description:

Inlaid Opals are made from thin crystal opal which has been set in a dark background. The black background of the opal allows the crystal color to show greater depth of color and the dramatic spectrum jumps out at you more.

The Opal in this Pendant:

Delicate frames of green, blue, orange, emanate from deep inside the stone, creating an enduring fascination, every time you look at your pendant, or it is seen on your neck. The darker color of this stone reflects and contrasts nicely with natural skin color, or with a lighter colored outfit.

Free Extras that come with this crystal opal pendant:

The chain is an extra that is included with the price. You also get international registered airmail to your door or post office. There is not more to pay.

Another free late opal gift service:

Keep in mind that we have a free ‘late gift’ service just in case you need it. Please ask about it in the blog below if you are buying this item for a gift and you have left it a little late to get to you on time. We can email the card to you for printing. Just give us the first names of the giver and receiver.



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