Opal Pendant 4113


Boulder Opal Pendant


Field: Queensland (Australia)

Stone Size: 15×10 mm


Metal: 925 Sterling Silver

Chain or leather hanger included


Shipping(freight): Free

Packaging: Gem pouch

Guarantee: International


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Member: American Opal Society.


Origin of this Opal

Queensland is the only place in the world as far as we can tell, where boulder opal is found.


Boulder opals vary between small ‘nuts’ found in Yowah and Koroit to the south of the state.


Larger boulders with veins of opal range from Quilpie in the south to Winton area in the north.

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Opal Pendant

If your the kind of person who really loves the raw natural look of an opal, this pendant is for you. It’s been cut and polished so the color stands out but basically, is still in it’s natural state from when it came out of the ground. The sparkling colors of red, orange, green and blue are in this boulder opal from the Western Queensland mines.

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Opal Pendant comes with an international guarantee

As with all our jewelry collection, it comes with an international guarantee and you will also get a surprise gift with each order as well as free international shipping. If you are making a gift to someone and you have left it a bit late, ask us about our special ‘late gift card’ free service which is so successful that often its nearly as good as the gift itself because it builds anticipation.



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