Opal Pendant 4108


Opal Doublet Pendant


Field: Coober Pedy (Australia)

Stone Size: 14×7 mm


Metal: 925 Sterling Silver

Shipping: Free


Packaging: Gem pouch

Guarantee: International


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Member: American Opal Society.


Definition of ‘pendant’


A piece of jewellery that hangs from a chain worn around the neck.


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Opal Pendant

Scattered greens, blues and a tinge of orange radiating from this doublet opal pendant from the mines of Coober Pedy, South Australia. Set in 925 sterling silver bezel.

Is this your first opal buying experience?

This can be a quite a challenge if you don’t know much about these beautiful stones. Please click here if you would like to learn more before purchasing.

What extras come with this opal pendant?

As with all our jewelry collection, it comes with an international guarantee and you will also get a surprise gift with each order as well as free international shipping. If you are making a gift to someone and you have left it a bit late, ask us about our special ‘late gift card’ free service which is so successful that often its nearly as good as the gift itself because it builds anticipation.

Thinking of traveling?

If you ever get a chance to come to Australia, don’t miss out on the fascinating and unique outback opal mining towns.



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