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Opal Gift Card


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Opal Gift Card

Our Opal gift card can be emailed to you to either print yourself or have a local printer do it professionally. Opal is an amazing gift because each stone is completely one of a kind. THE CARD IS FREE

Opal Gift Card if you are running late to get the gift – Opalmine shop here

These cards are particularly helpful if you are running late to buy a gift for someone. Sometimes they are nearly as good as the gift itself because they build anticipation and show the person that you are thinking about them.

When you get the card by email, if you have a good color printer, you can print it out yourself and fill in the details by hand, or you can have a local printer to do the card up on a special card to make it more professional. If you decide to do this, be sure to ring up the printer and obtain an email address that you can pass on to Peter and he can send the card direct to the printer to save you the worry of having to go twice to organize it.

Pictures on the Opal Gift Card

The pictures on the card are different views of the opal fields at Lightning Ridge and without saying what the gift is, the pictures will create an atmosphere that challenges the person to guess what the gift will be without actually saying what it is and keeping it a surprise. Lightning Ridge is the home of the famous black opal. It is one of three major fields, the others famous for white or crystal opal and the other in Queensland mining another kind of black opal, called boulder opal.

Just a reminder that if you want us to send this free card to you, we will need the names of the giver (yourself) and who will receive the gift. Just the Christian names, of course, are enough

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