Boulder Opal Earrings

Field: Queensland (Australia)


Stone Size: 12×10 mm


Type: Drop


Metal: Silver Color: White


Shipping: Free

Packaging: Gem pouch

Guarantee: International

References: testimonials Member: American Opal Society.

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Earring types

Earrings can be very tiny or larger either as rounds or ovals that fit right on to the earlobe that has been pierced.


The earring is held by earring hooks


Earrings also dangle and are called ‘drops’ These can be attached by jewelry ‘fishhooks’ or clamps.


They also come as screw or clamp fittings which don’t necessitate piercing.

opal earrings 6142

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Opal Earrings

These drop shaped boulder opal matrix stones are set in pure sterling silver and shipping is FREE

Opal Earrings

The term ‘boulder opal matrix’ describes a completely natural opal stone found in the deserts of western Queensland, Australia. In a world full of synthetic gemstones you are guaranteed to have a real stone at an affordable price.

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Youtube example of unset opal