Opal doublet earrings

Field: Winton (Australia)


Stone Size:   11×6 mm


Type:  Stud


Metal: Silver  Color: White


Shipping: Free

Packaging:  Gem pouch


Guarantee:  International


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Member: American Opal Society.


Earring types

Earrings can be very tiny or larger either as rounds or ovals that fit right on to the earlobe that has been pierced.


The earring is held by either butterfly clips or clutches.




Opal Earrings 6057


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Opal Earrings: Solid Boulder

Opal Earrings: Stunning deep green blue drop shaped boulder opal ear studs

Size: 11×6 mm  Metal:  925 Sterling silver  Origin: Queensland opal mines  Shipping and packaging: FREE

Opal earrings Description:

Indications of natural boulder ironstone in the face of the stone is proof that this magnificent set are not built with synthetic opal but rather the natural product direct from the opal mines in western Queensland, Australia.

International registered airmail to your door or post office, and the boulder opal earrings come dressed in a lovely black gift box or gem satchel, ready to be either gifted or stored in your jewelry collection. There is no more to pay.

Guarantee: International guarantee of quality based on 40 years of reliable service from our opal company. This guarantee does not run out in one year, whether you lose your paperwork or not. We have a record of the sale and will care for you should something go wrong. Go to here for details.

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