Opal Bracelet-boulder

Field: Queensland (Australia)

Largest Stone Size: 11×7  mm

Total Stones: 12

Metal: Silver  Color: White

Shipping: Free

Packaging:  Gem pouch

Guarantee:  International

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Member: American Opal Society.

Bracelet Varieties

There are many varieties of bracelets, the most well known of them being charm, cuff, bangle, chain, gemstone.

The one shown here is a gemstone bracelet and the stones have been bezel set in sterling silver.

The bracelet is hand made in an exquisite design linked with silver chain.

The clip fits perfectly and secures the piece nicely.

Opal Bracelet 6411

Out of stock

USD 1,000

Opal Bracelet-Boulder opal

Please note, this bracelet is on hold for a customer. do not order before checking with us

opal bracelet featuring 12 boulder opals from Australia. Each stone unique in color and shape

Opal Bracelet cluster

A mixture of fascinating boulder opals showing multiple brilliant colors in a background of natural boulder opal ironstone set in sterling silver.

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  1. Rick Clark

    Hello Peter,
    I’m looking through your pages and notice that you now have bracelet 6411 on sale for $1,100. IF (and only IF) the time comes that it would benefit you to reduce the price to $1,000 to move this bracelet from your inventory, I would be able buy it for that amount. PLEASE understand that I am not trying to “lowball” you, and I am not asking you to come down further in price as a favor. I am only saying that if and when you decide that you have had this bracelet long enough, and IF you can still sell for a profit at $1,000, then I could afford it at that price. I just can’t afford to go over $1,000 for any one gift, but I’m also not trying to steal anything; I want you to make a profit as well, and honestly I have no idea what your profit margin is. So maybe you can keep my offer in mind just in case this bracelet doesn’t sell, even at the current sale price. Oh, one more thing: This would be a gift for Cindy, or course, and as such it must measure a maximum total length of 6 1/4 inches OR 16 cm. As always, thank you for your consideration.

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