Boulder Opal Beads

Style: Necklace or bracelet

Field: Queensland (Australia)

Stone Size: 10 mm

Shipping: Free

Packaging: Gem pouch

Guarantee: International

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Member: American Opal Society

Varieties of Necklaces

Costume necklaces, gemstone necklaces, fashion, etc. The opal necklace here is of the gemstone variety

Opal beads 4322


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Opal beads Pendant:

Polyester encased free-form Opal Beads. please note that this is either a bracelet or a necklace. If a necklace a portion of it will be chain. FREE SHIPPING

Type: Boulder Opal Opal field: Coober Pedy, Australia Definition: chunks of crystal opal have been encased in clear polyester spheres

Size: 10 mm

Total beads in necklace 32 and 51* (please note that the 32 bead necklace has black 4 mm Hematite beads separating the opals. the 51 bead necklace is just opal. Please tell us your preference when ordering

Length of Necklace: 53 cm (18″) Color: Light opal crystal with multiple colors Description: Opal beads are much rarer than pearls and are still within reach price wise.

Shipping and Gift box packaging: FREE

Another free service for your opal necklace: Keep in mind that we have a free ‘late gift card’ service just in case you need it. Please ask about it in the blog below if you are buying this item for a gift and you have left it a little late to get to you on time. We can email the card to you for printing. Just give us the first names of the giver and receiver.


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