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Free form with interesting patterns in this genuine boulder opal.

Opal Bargains 1619


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USD 100 USD 75

Opal Bargains: Solid Boulder

Boulder opal free form shape:

This term means that the opal has been cut in the shape that it was found in the rough opal. The opal cutter has selected the best color display and has shaped it in such a way that the best patterns are featured. This opal has some really nice swirl patterns with small flecks of green opal color peeping out between the patterns. The green flecks are not easily seen in the photograph.  Please ask if you want help with a pendant design.

 Size of the opal:

In millimeters is 37×17 and in inches its  just over one and a quarter inches by nearly seven eights of an inch. The price includes shipping so there is no more to pay.

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  1. Rick Clark

    Hi Peter,
    Would you please hold this stone (1619) for me for a bit. I’m in touch with a jewelry designer named Korey E. Burns ( She made a beautiful silver cross that Cindy gave me for Christmas last year. I just sent her a message asking if she might be interested in designing a pendant setting for this stone. I’ll get back to you soon, and most likely order it. Thanks, Rick
    PS: I also wrote to Korey about you, and suggested she check out your website and think about contacting you; maybe doing some kind of partnership arrangement. She’s really quite a talented designer, and I think she could create some very unique settings for your opals. She’s here in the US–Louisiana, I think.

    • admin

      Hey Rick, i just found this online inquiry from you. Its a worry, for some reason i didnt get a reminder about it so just checking on the system. Heaps of well wishes for end of year. Looking forward to seeing if you have any more jewelry in the pipeline. Peter

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