Boulder Opal unset



The term ‘Unset opal ‘means that the stones are not set into jewelry.

In other words they are cut and polished ready for setting


Field: Lightning Ridge (Australia)


Stone Size: 14×10 mm

Weight: not listed – please ask for details


Shipping: Free

Packaging:  Gem pouch


Guarantee:  International

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Opal Unset 1068

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 Opal Unset Description

This stone has just about all the colors of the rainbow with full face of color, from the Western Queensland fields.

Type: Genuine Australian Solid Boulder Opal   Field:  Winton, Queensland, Australia   Size: 14×10 mm  Shipping: FREE! Price included packaging and freight.Reputation: 40 years of reliable service. Please click here if you would like to read some comments from our happy customers over the years.

Boulder opal is an opal that is sliced out of large ironstone boulders where veins of opal color are found. This requires the help of (sometimes) large diamond saws and sledgehammers.

When the pieces containing the color are separated from the mother stone, the opal cutter will then gradually clear the waste away from one side of the veins of opal, exposing the color of the stone.

More often than not the color has lots of ironstone inclusions giving it an evidence that it is a natural opal.

Sometimes the full color of the opal is exposed and stones like this are variations of black opals. They are called ‘full color boulder opals’ this one you can use for abstract boulders.



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