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Welcome to our blog post “Precious Opal Gemstones For Sale“!

When you go out to Lightning Ridge, you will see signs like this all over the place but they usually just say OPALS FOR SALE because no one needs to know that opal is a gemstone. that’s irrelevant.

People want this amazing stone whether they are tourists, dealers, or fellow miners who often buy off other miners in the hope that they can make a profit by selling it to other visitors to the town. In fact back in the nineties, the town was just crawling with dealers from all over the world looking for black opals and often approached by the ‘runners’ as opal wheelers and dealers were dubbed.

Precious opal gemstones for sale at the opal fields

But that was nearly 20 years ago now. A lot has changed in that time. Lightning Ridge source of opals has all but dried up. The expense of opal mining combined with all the rules and regulations put on the mining process now has meant that a lot of little guys cant afford to prospect and combined with the downturn in the tourist industry, the industry has been badly effected.

Fortunately for a lot of the older dealers like ourselves, good stocks of opal were found during those years and they are still being offered internationally by means of sites like this.

We believe at Opalmine that we have some of the finest quality opal around that is sourced straight from the great Australian outback! To explain a little more we have put the video together for you about Precious Opal Gemstones For Sale I am sure you will enjoy the video!

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opals for saleprecious gemstonesprecious opal gemstone for salePrecious Opal Gemstones For Sale