Opal Rings in Silver

Why has silver become so popular in opal rings?

Opal rings in silver? One major reason is an economic one. I remember when gold was $40 a troy oz back in the early 70’s. We all have our ‘if only’ memories. ‘if only’ we had bought a couple of kilos of the yellow stuff back then, we would be sitting pretty today. Or to put it more personally, my cousin Glen, who was a gold miner in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia where i was born, sold me a bunch of large gold nuggets he had found, for about that price. At the time i tried to sell them in the Opal Miner’s Hut, my opal shop, and no one wanted them. I eventually sold them out at near cost. Haa… what a mistake!

Investment comments, July 2017 – just for interest

Buy opal rings in silver will more than half the cost of the item

Although it’s reported that percentage wise, silver is now increasing in value at a greater amount than gold because it’s a much more practical metal. Not only does it look good with opal or indeed with any gemstone, but it’s a fraction of the price. From an investment point of view silver is used much more in the manufacturing process that gold even with the lack of demand for the metal in the photography process, now that digital has taken over. Even so, the metal is not nearly as rare as gold so it’s still much more affordable. History of silver here

What is the appeal of creating opal rings in silver metal?

boulder opal in silver

Well, opal is a very versatile Australian gemstone. It comes in many varieties. However the major categories are as follows:

  • Crystal or white opal from the Coober Pedy, Andamooka, and White Cliffs areas of South Australia and Southern New South Wales.
  • Black opal from the Lightning Ridge field in New South Wales
  • Boulder Opal from Queensland’s North West.

Some of these varieties present very well in a white metal like silver or white gold. For example, the dark background of the black and boulder opals contrast nicely with the shiny white color of these metals. Boulder opal particularly when the opal color is cut and polished in association with the chocolate brown ironstone which often surrounds the color, it forms what could be described as a dark frame between the opal color and the metal. Opal rings in silver like this creates a delightful contrast.

How about the convenience of this metal from a manufacturing point of view

Well it can be stated that, because the metal is much cheaper than gold, the manufacturer doesn’t have to be so careful in saving costs. He or she can create heavier designs which make the opal ring more wearable and less delicate. This provides a particular advantage to opal rings for guys who tend to give them a lot more rough treatment.

How does sterling silver influence the opal ring designer and manufacturer?

Again, for economic reasons, the designer can be more creative if he or she doesn’t have to constantly be concerned with keep the weight of the metal down. This means that opal rings can be produced that are more unique and adventurous in the final presentation.

Australian opal rings in silver, international warranties are important

Look for a supplier that gives a perpetual guarantee to add security to your purchase. Also look for suppliers who cover you for the freight charge which can be expensive if the item comes from a different country to yours.

Sizing a ring to suit your finger or the person you are giving it to

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