rectangle Opal Ring Crystal 5518-2

faceted crystal opal ring 5518

Opal Ring Crystal 5518- with diamond clusters

faceted opal ring crystal with diamonds

Opal Ring Crystal 5518 with diamond clusters on both sides set in gold

crystal opal rectangle gem with diamonds

Opal Ring Crystal featuring an unusual faceted opal

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Opal Ring Crystal is a term that describes the stone itself.  The term was first coined many years ago when early opal miners in Australia had to search for words to describe what they were seeing. Opals are technically not crystals. Please take a look at this interesting article on the subject  I guess that when they were first observed, being quite translucent, they did remind the observer of things like quartz crystals which are often see-through.

Crystal opal is usually cut with a dome not a facet

Just what it is that makes opal ring crystal appearance is a subject that might take us away from the observations we are making about this particular gem which is so exciting and interesting to observe. You see, most opals as with jade and turquoise and other stones, are cut with a domed top called a ‘cabochon‘ and its well known that dome shaped things are stronger than faceted items and tend to bounce off when they come in contact with hard surfaces. So generally its more practical to cut and polish opal with a domed rather than faceted feature.  Having said that, there are some opals like this one that just beg to be cut with facets because the light just does some amazing things with the change of color in the stone combined with the bouncing effect that facets cope with.

This Particular Opal Ring Crystal is set in 14k yellow gold with four small diamonds

The ring is finger size N if you are British or 7 if you are from the USA.  The band is easily sized just in case your finger is larger or smaller. Whatever, if you need help with this please email peter AT opalmine dot com.


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