Opal Pendants UK

Opal Pendants UK

Opal pendants UK are more available now than they used to be. There was a time when England knew very little if anything about opal, even though the Romans, a thousand years before knew this fabulous stone and treasured it as a part of what they considered a national treasure.

Opal Pendants UK
Crystal opal pendant with diamonds

Australian opal Pendants UK

China clay deposits in south-west England. The natural history museum has a collection of opal from this area but it seems that most opal found is of the common potch variety that is pretty well worthless, although there are reports that precious opal has been found in the UK.

In Cornwall, common opal has been found associated with a nice green color which is quite attractive even though it doesn’t have the play of color that Australian opal is famous for.

Hence most of the opal found in the UK, and in fact right throughout the world, originates in Australia because of its outstanding colors and stability.

An opal known as hydrophane is found in parts of Ireland. This opal has a high water content and is sometimes nearly translucent.

When it does have a play of color, when soaked in water, the color can just about disappear and when it dries out again the color returns. Ethiopia has a similar type of opal which is very attractive but generally not secure.

Information on Opal pendants UK and worldwide can be researched here. A hanger or pendant when it is made must have the opal set the right way up because some opals look better from different directions.

Hangers for men are often called Bolas as well. A bola in the form of a drop is very popular, particularly in American Indian jewelry. Actually, it would seem that the correct spelling for the aforementioned tie is Bolo, not Bola.

Opal Pendants UK or In the USA are one of the most popular forms of jewelry

This is the case for a number of reasons. With the onset of internet shopping, you can order an Australian opal from the opal fields thousands of miles away but one problem can be making sure you get the correct finger size if you are ordering a ring.

At opalmine.com you can get assistance in sorting this out here, but if you don’t want to go to the trouble, you opt for a pendant instead of a ring for a gift, and you don’t have to worry about finger sizes. Guys necklaces (often called bola ties) of course are available too, some with leather chokers.

Some of the pendants on this page could double as guys necklaces or pendants as well, with either a snake chain fitted or leather choker. A hanger of this type can look very masculine particularly featured as a bola dressed in heavy silver.

Australia has its share of ‘poms’ and it’s amazing where you find them. Right throughout the outback, you find them in places that Aussies wouldn’t go. Lighting Ridge has its share of Englishmen and women as well as dozens if not hundreds of other nationalities from all over the world.

Opal Pendants UK can find their way to the mother country by post by FedEx or by taking them in your pocket and you will find an outstanding selection of them right here. take a look at a brief history of pendants

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