Opal Jewelry-Why So Popular?

Opal Jewelry-Why So Popular?
boulder opal in yellow gold pendant

Opal Jewelry-Why so popular?

Opal Jewelry-Why So Popular? Its a favorite with the girls. Well, it’s not often that you can buy one gemstone and get something that displays the colors of maybe two, three, or more gems. Click here to see more pendants

But this is the case with many opals because as most folks know nowadays, opal is the famous stone that has a change of color. In fact, it’s believed that the word ‘opal’ itself means ‘a change of color.’ Certainly, it has the letters ‘Op” in it which obviously connects it with optometry matters.

Opal Jewelry – different spellings

But what of the opal jewelry itself? Just keep in mind first, that if you are from the United Kingdom, you will spell jewelry as ‘jewellery’ and there are a number of ways that it is often misspelled because I guess from a ‘bloke’s’ point of view, the word is not written down very often.

Opal Jewelry-Why so popular – because it’s for all occasions

Opal jewelry can be worn for all occasions. It’s wise to think about what you are wearing of course because a dark or black opal will stand out nicely against a light background and a white or crystal opal against a dark background. But if it’s worn against your skin, either will look good.

With the price of gold nowadays, a lot of people are opting for silver which is a really lovely metal. Silvers reasonable prices still make opal jewelry affordable and you can design quite large pieces because of this.


Since the stone was found in Australia towards the end of the 19th century, the popularity of opal has gradually climbed. When black opal, for example, was first offered to rich clients in England, they had no idea what it was and offered just a few shillings for the first parcel. This all changed as it gradually dawned on some that this stone was something special and was worth investing in.

Today, opal finds its price, not by cartels that control its value but by supply and demand and currently, in 2017, demand is outstripping supply and black opal particularly is getting very difficult to obtain. Fortunately, opalmine.com has been in the business for nearly 50 years and still has a reasonable supply of old stock.

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