Opal Brooches

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opal brooches

Opal Brooches

Opal brooches are one good way of adding a little glitz and glamour to your everyday outfits. Choosing the right brooch depends upon your personal taste and also on the opal stones available.

If you own a simple crystal or light opal then a striking design is sure to highlight the simplicity in the best possible way. If however, you’ve managed to get your hands on a more elusive opal then a simple design will allow it to take center-stage. Your opal brooch is sure to make you the talk of the town as it is the easiest way to grab attention without being weighed down by heavy neck-pieces or earrings.

Opal Brooches in History

Opals have always been adored throughout history and were especially valued in the Victorian era where they were used to adorn numerous brooches. The opal brooches of this time usually came in floral shapes though there are records of insects and even lizards being the inspiration.

Just like an artist needs a reference to create an original painting, the designers behind opal brooches and in fact all other opal jewelry, often use flowers, insects, and numerous other natural shapes as inspiration for their creations.

Opal Brooches for Every Mood

The best feature of opal stones is their versatility; you can make an opal brooch using any opal stone you find and the effect is sure to be arresting. Pick light or crystal opals for daytime outfits, they are simple and breezy but add the requisite glitz with minimal effort.

Opal Brooches for evening wear

An evening soiree that calls for drama and glamour can be complemented with either a single or cluster opal brooch pinned to your blouse or dress. Just like an exclamation mark at the end of a paragraph can focus attention on an interesting subject, an opal brooch skilfully added to your outfit can provide that little ‘something’ that sets off the whole outfit.

Choose opal brooches for every occasion and it is sure to make you stand out. Opal brooches have an uncanny knack for drawing attention to the right places, and opals either in cluster settings or displayed as solitaire settings look just great!

2 thoughts on “Opal Brooches

  1. I bought an opal brooch in Brisbane somewhere between 1980 and 1990. it was a gold bar brooch with opal and called Ronda. Do you know of this particular style?

    Thank you,

    1. Marilyn, no i dont recall the name of the opal brooch but there was a firm called Rhonda who had a line of opal jewelry back around that time so it could well be them. if you like you can send me a picture of the opal brooch to this email : peterATopalmine.com just replace the AT with @ and if you are sending pictures of opals make sure you reduce the size to around 300 kb. Best wishes Marilyn, Peter

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