Matching Opal Jewelry

matching opal jewelry
Matching opal jewelry sets

Matching opal Jewelry

Matching opal jewelry to an outfit everyone desires to wear the most fashionable jewelry at an affordable price. But once precious stones, in this case, opal, and rich metals are used they become inaccessible for many because of the price. Opalmine has taken this into consideration, realizing that the ultimate desire for most ladies is to have a matching set of opal pendants and opal earrings.

Insignia Range Features Matching opal Jewelry Pendants & Earrings

The use of precious stones especially pure opals will usually make a jewelry piece inaccessible to most pockets. But at, the Insignia range addresses this very issue. The use of high-grade opal triplets along with clever designs will make the exquisite pieces affordable to everyone who desires to own them.

Opal ‘Insignia’ Range of Matching Jewelry

This is where the Insignia range of matching jewelry sold exclusively at becomes so important. This designer range of fashion jewelry will well satisfy the requirements of the most discerning customers. Opalmine has made sure that these beautiful opal gems are available to all by creating a line of jewelry (U.K spelling ‘jewellery”) that are affordable, using high-grade opal triplets specially selected from large parcels to effect a good match.

Four Distinct ‘Names’ in the opal Insignia sets

This selection of matching opal jewelry is most definitely not a compromise on the styling and designing aspects to make it affordable. As a matter of fact, Insignia range sets the trends of matching fashion jewelry in a selection of four specific designs named as follows: ‘Tiara’ which is an opal design with three matching crystals at the top. “Riviera” which has three crystals on either side. ‘Lady Di” named after the sapphire engagement ring design given to Diana of England. And “Classique” which is a plain design without additional crystals.

In this delightful selection of fabulous matching opal jewelry, you will get exquisite delicate earrings along with classy opal pendants selected to match from hundreds of opal stones. Make it your goal to own the set of four designs in time.

Best Matching opal Jewelry Prices From Opalmine offers the best prices on the internet for matching opal jewelry known for their quality as well as authenticity. This is aimed at discerning women, conscious of fashion and keen to add variety to their outfits. The incredible feature of this range is that the very best quality opal triplets are offered at prices which will satisfy the pocket and most of these sets are offered for under $100.

Affordable Opal Matching Jewellery to Fit Most Pockets

The Insignia range of fashion jewelry is a specially created series that nearly anyone can enjoy wearing at prices which are reasonable and affordable. This could be for regular office wear or for an occasional get-together. Matching opal jewelry always looks coordinated and impressive so be sure to take a look at the whole range.

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3 thoughts on “Matching Opal Jewelry

  1. Wow, there really is some beautiful pieces of matching jewellery there.
    Opal really is an awsome stone, so much colour!
    Marty Ware

    1. Yes Marty, and to tell you the truth, opal is not an easy stone to matchbecause really there are not two stones the same. They’re a bit like people’s personalities as I think has been mentioned somewhere on this site. The best we can do is look for stones with very similar colors and patterns and unless you squint they really do match quite well. Soon we will be working on a set which will have a larger pendant stone because pendants can always be a lot bigger than earrings, but of course this depends on people’s opal preference. We are also working on producing crystal solid opals from the Coober Pedy field in South Australia. So far we have featured opal triplets that have a strong similarity to black opals, but there are a lot of folks out there who prefer the more delicate features of the lighter colored opals. Best wishes Marty, Peter

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