Opal Jewelry (jewellery)

Opal Jewelry bracelet featuring boulder opal inlays
Opal Jewelry – boulder bracelet
Opal Jewelry-bracelet with multiple round opal triplets
Opal Jewelry – triplet bracelet

Opal Jewelry (jewellery)

Opal jewelry a unique class of fashion accessory

Note: Opal jewelry is also spelt opal jewellery in Britain and a lot of British colonies, so we will use both spelling here

Its an understatement to say that opal is a beautiful stone. A marvel of nature!

It is Australia’s national gemstone and is used worldwide for creating magnificent opal jewellery pieces.

It is considered to be one of the most beautiful and exquisite gemstones of the world due to its ability to reflect the colors of the spectrum.

These precious stones used for making jewelry are characterized by a play of colors which tantalize and make them almost irresistible.

In the surface of natural opal consists of tiny spheres which are assembled naturally in grids of different sizes. These silica spheres are responsible for the exuberance of the colors.

It is the array of vibrant colors which has made it one of the foremost choices of jewelry enthusiasts.

Opal Jewelry-drop shaped dark opal
black Opal Jewelry Pendant

Opal jewelry-Multi colored opal stones

such as black, white, boulder and crystal are used in opal jewelry. Black opal is the rarest and expensive of all. White opal possesses a milky white hue and is much cheaper.

Black boulder opals can be less expensive than Lightning Ridge black opal , the main difference being that the back of the stone consists of an ironstone base.

Lightning Ridge black opal has a black potch (unformed opal) base or background.

Crystal opal has a whitish or translucent background and can also be a light grey color. However the price of the opal depends largely on the brilliance of the stone itself.

Opal jewelry from experts

Like all gemstones, real opal has to be worked by experts to bring it into a condition that it can be used for jewellery. Fine cutting and polishing techniques are used before it is crowned into an exquisite jewellery piece.

These polished opals, when crafted in gold and silver spell bind the wearer with their stunning beauty and radiance.

Opal is known as the ‘queen of all gems’. It inspires creativity and a mere glance at your ring or pendant will bring much pleasure. The immense popularity of opal jewelry is increasing day by day.

This multi-colored jewellery can be matched brilliantly to every outfit and provides an elegant charm to the personality of the wearer.

opal-jewelry-boulder opal with green strip of opal color with diamonds in white gold
Opal Jewelry-boulder pendant with diamonds

Whether as a ring, a bracelet a pendant a watch or an earring, the opal jewelry piece you decide upon can be selected from red, blue, green or yellow or multiple colored stones to suit your outfit.

The natural radiance and fire of opal will ignite a spark in you and make you look even more beautiful and elegant.

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