Opal Rings

Opal Rings in Fashion.

Each is individual so take your pick!

opal rings

Opal rings are absolutely amazing. Whatever outfit you choose, there is an opal that will match it.

There are no gemstone rings on the planet remotely like an opal because of it’s unique play of color.

The fascination is that the colors in opal sometimes appear and disappear then change to a different color as the stone is turned.


If you want to match your outfits you can get a green or blue based gem, or pink or red. Some are more dramatic. Others are more delicate.

Probably the best display platform for these amazing natural wonders is the human finger because we are always moving our hands and the effects of opal rings on observers is one of mystery and passion.

If you have a love for gemstones and wish to have the most beautiful looking stone on your finger,

Men’s Opal Rings Advice

Buying opal rings for men can be a challenge. Guys have a different point of view about jewelry to girls. Obviously, a lot of girls like to see delicate designs, well presented and fashionable.

Guys often view jewelry as a sort of accessory that they would wear on special occasions, or if they were it all the time, it needs to be serviceable and strongly built because guys are often tinkering with things that could damage a piece of jewelry.

Hence, we recommend that you always buy bezel set stones rather than claw set. The bezel, which is actually a setting where the gold or silver is rolled over the edge of the stone, making it nearly impossible to fall out, and offering a little more protection to the opal itself.

The stone in the ring pictured is from the famous Yowah region in south eastern Queensland, Australia. You can buy this mens ring here.

Opal rings initially were worn only in a simple gold or silver band,

but today the designs and trends are way more dramatic and emphatic.

Inspired designers hand craft the opal and have it set in ring mounts sometimes surrounded by diamonds or other precious stones to highlight the fire that the opal exudes.

Some people like keeping it simple, allowing the stone to make its own statement by having them set in silver or gold metals in a straightforward manner using rubbed in bezels or claws.

opal rings


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