Opal Jewelry Under $100

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Opal Jewelry Under $100

Some Ideas for Jewelry under $100

When people think about buying pieces of precious jewelry under 100, they could be reminded of the opal gemstone. Although most genuine opals come from Australia, there is a wide variety of this stone that are cut in other parts of the world like Mexico, Germany etc.

Opal jewelry has found a place for itself amidst contemporary pieces of jewelry not just because of its brilliant colors but also due to its affordability.

Opal Jewelry under $100 – how is it done?

It is a well known fact that black opal is the most expensive stone and can cost more than even a diamond but if you are looking for jewelry under $100, opal will not disappoint you. Opalmine has put together a range that will really please your pocket.

Options for opal Jewelry Under $100

If you are specifically looking for opal jewelry under $100, there are many options that you can look for at opalmine. They are cut and fit into rings and an opal ring is the most popular piece of opal jewelry. The other common types of jewelry where opals are used are necklaces, chains, earrings, rings, pendants, bangles, bracelets, brooches, watches etc. There are also other exotic pieces of jewelry like the cocktail rings and medallions that have opal in them.

Opals can also be purchased as unset stones. Owing to the rising demand for opal jewelry, there are numerous designs and patterns available in the market today. Most of these categories can be purchased at opalmine.com for under $100 dollars

Opal appeals to people of all ages and both men and women have started using them in their jewelry. Opal rings can be as low as $95 and an opal jewelry set (pendant, chain plus earrings) comes at an average price of $95. Opal earrings start at even $59 and pendants at $54 or may be a little less. Opal stones are usually set in either silver or gold. Most of the time, we make use of sterling silver to make the ornaments more affordable.

Keep in mind that sterling silver prices are moving upwards percentage wise, even more than gold, so buy it now while it’s still affordable. For instance, a pair of opal earrings set in silver that cost around $65 could sell for about $150 to $300 when set in gold.

You can find many such pieces of jewelry under $100. We hope you enjoy browsing our shop at opalmine, taking note of the bargains that are there. we are you sure you will find opal jewelry under $100 and checking the bargains section you will find some even as low as $30 or less.

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