One of a Kind Opals

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one of a kind opalsOne of a Kind Opals – The Hallmark Jewelry of the Modern Age

One of a kind opals are very rare precious opals. Throughout history these precious gems have been used by master craftsmen to create exquisite pieces of jewelry that have adorned the crowns and clothes of many kings and queens. Today several of these delightful opal jewelry pieces are displayed in museums, while most of the newer fabulous opal jewelry pieces are a part of elusive private collections.

The Crown of Charlemagne Adorning One of a Kind Opals

Topping the list of such one of a kind opals is the ‘Crown of Charlemagne’ opals belonging to the late tenth century. This crown was studded with a variety of precious gems including the ‘Orphanus’ Opal a legendary opal of the Medieval Age. Known as the ‘Stone of Wisdom’ it was believed to be the stone for the chosen of God but of course these were only legends. It was a translucent white opal with a reddish flash to it. It was believed to glow in darkness. People spoke in awe and were fascinated by the beautiful opal to adorn the crown of one of the most powerful men in history. Unfortunately by about 1350, this legendary opal disappeared from the crown, most probably during the reign of King Charles the fourth.

The next most impressive opals adorning crowns were the Hungarian Opals adorning the Russian Imperial Crown belonging to the middle of the tenth century A.D. These opulent opals embedded in the front panel of the crown were translucent oblongs in colors of magnificent red, green, sea blue and white. These awe-inspiring opals can fortunately be viewed at the Austrian Museum in Vienna. This spectacular collection are truly one of a kind opals.

Where the Best One of a Kind Opals Come From

Today, most of the best opals are mined in Australia. The precious opals from this region make their way to the royal households and private collections all over the world. Indeed some of the opals mined here are so rare and unique that one can get only a rare glimpse of these very one of a kind opals.

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  1. Hello ,my name is Valerio from Italy …. I see your cutting video , what disc you use for cutting ? I see dont cut your hand 😉 please tell me what you use and my girlfriend is very happy if i dont cut my hand ! 😉
    Thanks for all

  2. dear sir we are arriving in sydney on the silver seas spirit the begining of march we would like to view your highest quality opals at the very best prices we also stop in melborne .ihave no idear how close you are to these ports. we seem to like the opals with the red and several we like . you have one for 30k and a couple between 20k and 30k.the photos are not good quality to view to make a choice please advise isadore brown

    1. Isadore and Jane. So sorry but i will be on opal business in Asia from around Feb 24 to the middle of March, but please take a look at the unset stones at Black Opals and Boulder Opals and let me know what you like. we can talk a wholesale deal by email, so please contact me here and i will reply. thanks for your interest in opal folks. hope you have a great trip to Australia. Peter

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