Opal Jewellery Pendant Styles

Opal jewellery – Pendant styles

opal-jewellery-crystal opal pendants-classique
crystal opal pendants-classique
opal-jewellery-crystal opal pendants-riviera style
crystal opal pendants riviera style
opal-jewellery-crystal opal pendants-ladi di
crystal opal pendant ladi di style
opal-jewellery-crystal opal pendants-tiara
crystal opal pendant tiara style


Opal Jewellery in modern times

Was first appreciated by the British. No doubt because it was Britain who colonized Australia and a lot of the mining operations that took place here were first promoted and financed by England.

The story goes that one of the first opal miners, who worked at Lightning Ridge, when black opal was first discovered, traveled to the U.K. to promote opal. The first parcels of black opal were sold for just a few shillings. Perhaps a dollar or two in today’s terms and while it’s true that a dollar was quite a lot of money in the middle of the nineteenth century, it was still a pittance for a stone which would one day become one of the rarest on the planet.

Opal jewellery Pendant styles, has gone through a lot of changes over the years. Of course at one time most jewellery was made by hand which gave it a distinctive ‘handmade’ look. But when the lost wax casting system was discovered, things started to change. Opal cutters began fashioning the stones in accord with specific calibrations. Particularly when the less expensive white opals, doublets and triplets came on the scene for the for the first time, and of course the jewellery could be cast to fit the stones rather than having to be made by hand.

Opal jewellery is spelt ‘jewelry’ in the USA but the latter spelling is known in most of the English colonies, including Australia as “Jewellery”.

Everyone is catered for and there are so many varieties of jewellery. Pendants, Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings, Earrings, Bola ties for the guys along with cuff links, Tie tacks and so on.

Britain’s love of “Opal Jewellery” soon spread to the new world where it really took off in the USA and now with Boulder opal snapping at the heels of black opal, a lot of folks are discovering a beautiful ‘earthy’ stone which focuses on mother nature rather than the trend towards the use of synthetics.

You will find hundreds of these opal-jewellery-pendant-styles grouped in the www.opalmine.com shop.

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