Opal Fields in Australia

Opal Fields in Australia

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Opal Fields in Australia

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It is said that over 95% of the worlds opal comes from Australia.

Most of the Opal Fields in Australia are located in three states:

Boulder Opal

Queensland. Boulder opal is mined in a large area between Quilpie in the South and Winton in the north. The boulder and black opal fields nearly meet at the border between Queensland and NSW. They are a significant example of very remote opal fields of Australia.

More details on Opal Fields of Australia

Crystal and white-opal-A report on this subject would not be complete without mentioning the famous mines in South Australia. This is the home of the Coober Pedy, Mintabie, and Andamooka mines, famous for light opal, which includes crystal, grey and white. Sometimes called ‘milk’.

Here are some examples of light-colored opal set in gold and silver as pendants and earrings. These stones have been set in a dark background giving it a dark foreground appearance. At least twelve of these opal pendants are from South Australia. See if you can recognize them.


Opal Fields in Australia
Tourists at Lightning Ridge Opal fields


Black Opal from the Lightning Ridge fields, New South Wales is the home of the famous Black Opal. In fact, its known worldwide for dark opals. White cliffs further south toward the South Australian border is all but mined out but was probably the largest opal mine in the world before Coober Pedy which is now one of the largest opal fields in Australia, was discovered.

This section describes opal mining in Australia, yesterday and today. Many of the photos you’ll see on these pages are displayed, with permission, from the reference books. If you are interested in these publications, please Contact Us for prices and details.

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3 thoughts on “Opal Fields in Australia

  1. Hi, my name is John and I have written several emails to companies across the world offering the use of my ability to locate attractive opal or oil fields. Only one company, Shell USA bothered to take the time to respond with a ‘no, thank you’ answer. The way I do it is not with dowsing but using a mind ability. I also tried getting a response out of Aramco but after a few emails and no reply I decided to drop that idea. Btw, I live in New Zealand. What I would do is give you a location of a very attractive opal field by inspiring someone in your company with the exact location of where the field will be found. By ‘inspire’ I mean they will get guided to the exact area of the field. Once it has been located then all I ask is getting a percentage of each opal. If you like this way of finding attractive opal fields then write back to me. If not, I will randomly have a very attractive field found by a random opal company in Australia. Thank you.

    1. John, not interested in dowsing but if you have a different reliable system that we dont already know of, let me know. thanks John, peter

  2. Gidday Peter, you might remember me – had a Toyota Coaster motor home parked behind main street of Coolangatta probably 7 months ago – you showed an interest ! It is sold, but issue is;
    I have an Austrian friend comes out every 6 months now, and wants to work opal and ‘knock up’ some merchandise suitable to the wants of folk in Austria, Germany & Europe. Could you help her with ‘rough cut’ opals that she can cut, shape & polish when she gets back home. She recently bought a kilogram of such “rough cut’ opal from a lady in ‘the Ridge’, and 2/3 of it was “crap”.
    Do you have such ‘rough cut’ opal she might purchase from you – at Tweed Heads (not going out west this trip) ???

    If so Peter, please send back a reply, or even give me a ring at Tweed Heads – 04******34
    If I could drop in and see you (at Tweed Heads / Coolangatta) it might be even better. If you do have what she wants, I can bring her to you to negotiate a deal.

    Righto, see you soon.

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