Opal And Australia

opal-and-Australia-video-Australia map showing opal fields
Australia map showing opal fields

Opal And Australia Video

Australia has come a long way in the last two hundred years. Some of it good. A lot not so good. Starting with it being Britain’s way of getting rid of excess criminals, most of whom were just poor starving folks who stole a piece of bread and ended up in Botany Bay. So here we are in this amazing country that was once a jail, and it seems that just about everyone wants to come down here and live in the jail.

The reason is obvious. Despite our past, the complex mix of races that now live here have produced an interesting combination of cultures and foods that has a great appeal to the rest of the world. But this video is not about food and culture. its about whats on offer in this vast continent

Opal and Australia are inexorably linked

The outback of Australia is home to some of the most fascinating occupations. None so interesting as the search for that amazing gemstone, opal. A visit to places like Lightning Ridge and Coober Pedy will introduce you to a bunch of the most interesting characters who have left civilization in the hope of digging up arguabley one of the rarest gems on earth. Lightning Ridge is at this time 2015 in the grip of a drought. The kangaroos are seen hopping through the middle of town at night time

This video provides some great information about the Australian Outback, it is quite short but you will find plenty more information about the Great Aussie outback if you follow the link provided.

I hope you enjoyed the little video we put together Opal and Australia and got some neat little tips about this part of Australia.
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