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buying opal by auction

Online auctions featuring jewelry are becoming more common.

The trick is to find one that has a good reputation and enough of the stock items you are interested in. For example, if you are looking for an auction that features a particular gemstone such as Australian opal, there are specialized auctions that focus on that gem.

Online opal jewelry and overstock items and bargains

Online auctions often feature overstock items and this is a good way of snapping up a bargain. Jewelry sellers, like all retailers, sometime either buy too much stock, anticipating large sales during gift giving times, or the economy has a downturn, in which case they are faced with having to clear some goods. They often use opal and other types of auctions to quit the goods.

There are some pretty amazing online jewelry auctions. Particularly the ones with good quality graphics that jump out at you and show you every details of the product being offered, be it an opal ring, an opal pendant, an opal bracelet or large varieties of other opal products. Good quality pictures are essential.

A word of Caution in buying opal jewelry or anything else in online auctions

Stay away from online auctions which feature pictures from all sorts of different sources, particularly with opal, because opal photography is a specialized art and if the owner of a piece of jewelry, particularly an opal, is not familiar with graphics management, a picture can be either not accurate and difficult to look at, or over dramatized with color enhancement to give it an impression that is not correct. You can end up buying something that looks like a real bargain, only to find out that it’s really worth very little.

You also have to be careful of getting confused about the size of an opal or gem. The picture might look really large but if you read the small print, you might find that it’s not much bigger than half a pumpkin seed.

Further warnings about online auctions

Recently a friend of mine bought a vehicle from a site that had the heading something like ‘Simple Trade’ It was simple alright. The crook, who sold a vehicle, simply cheated my friend for around $9000. The firm sponsoring the auction took no responsibility. Not even answering complaints. The authorities were contacted but nothing could be done to restore the funds. This particular site allows people they do not know to advertise privately on their site and they hand all responsibility over to yourself if you find you are dealing with a con man.

This is not to say that the actual people running the site are crooks, but the system they have set up attracts these types and the unsuspecting public pays. So stay away from sites that feature goods that they do not take responsibility for. This goes for opal, jewellery, motor cars, in fact anything you want to buy.

Live online auctions

Online shopping auctions which are actually ‘live’ is almost like walking in to your local jewelry store, except that you are likely to get better service if the store has a few customers. The good thing about shopping for opal jewelry or any other type of jewelry online is that you can take a careful look at what is being offered without feeling any pressure from an overenthusiastic shop assistant who is himself or herself under pressure from the boss to make a sale. You can take your time, and in some cases such as, you can ask any questions you like and 90% of the time get an answer very quickly.

Jewellery Auction suggestions

Some auction suggestions to make sure you get what you really want and don’t buy just because something is perceived as cheaper are as follows:

Opal Pendants: Ask if the pendant comes with a chain, because you might not have a chain and you can’t use really thick chains on most pendants. If they don’t supply a chain and you have to go out and buy one, the chain could end up costing you as much or more than the pendant.

Opal Rings: Make sure you have your correct finger size or the finger size of whomever you are giving the ring to, before you start bidding. Some rings are able to be sized later, and others not, and of course the same thing applies about extra costs. Some retail jewelers will charge up to $50 to just size a ring, so if you buy something for around $100 it could end up costing you 50% more as well as a lot of fiddling about.

Opal Bracelets: Most bracelets fit most wrists but if your wrist is a little larger or very small, it might be a good idea to get the measurement of a bracelet first before bidding. Make sure you use sites where you can communicate about these important details before you buy.

Opal Brooches: The only thing to keep in mind with brooches is that the clip on the back that you use to attach to your outfit, is working properly. If a picture of the back of the brooch is not featured on the auction site, at least ask for confirmation that this clip is in good working order, otherwise you are in for repairs later.

Gents Opal Jewellery at Auction

Nothing much goes wrong with a pair of cuff links or a tie bar, but if you are buying a tie tack at the opal auction, check that the pin is nice and sharp so that it will go through a tie easily and not cause any damage. Some silk ties are very expensive and a bit flimsy so you don’t want to be stabbing them with a large hole, just a fine one.

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