How To Buy The Best Opal Gemstones Online

how-to-buy-the-best-opal-gemstones-online-Half moon shaped crystal opal
Half moon shaped crystal opal

How To Buy The Best Opal Gemstones Online Welcome to a video blog post

The best gemstones don’t always look like they are the best, particularly with opal. This video is a part of an up coming series that is being produced as we speak.
There is plenty of great information in here that I am sure you will love! Buying opals can be really confusing because they are not like other gemstones which have a certain sameness to them.

Of course all diamonds look pretty much the same although experts can tell the difference between a top quality white diamond and a lesser grade and i guess that if you look closely most folks can see that some sparkle more than others. But with opal, the varieties are almost endless.

How do you tell the different types of opal.

This is important if you want to know how to buy the best opal gemstones on the net at the right price because if you don’t know the different types of opal, you cant tell which is more valuable. Just to illustrate, the half moon crystal opal you see on display on this page is a solid chunk of Coober Pedy opal that has been cut and polished without the addition of a backing as in black and boulder opal.

Remember of course that black and boulder opal are not doublets or triplets that have a back cemented to them to give the black opal appearance. The aforesaid stones are natural opals that come with either a black potch or dark brown ironstone backing. If you took the crystal opal shown here and painted the back of it black, you would have something that looks like a black opal. So identifying the best opal gemstones online has a lot to do with understanding these categories before you can start looking at quality. You will find out more about this here


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