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Good Jewelry is often hard to find

4298-opal-boulder-pendant-opal doublet pendant
boulder opal picture pendant

‘Pretty good jewelry‘ well, that’s an expression that has taken on a meaning that is completely at odds to what it says. Let’s take the expression apart. It says that the jewelry is pretty. Then it says that it’s ‘good’. What does that mean? It means that the jewelry is pretty, and it’s good. So why do we think when we read that expression that the jewelry is just a bit good or even a bit ordinary.

Dunno! Haa that’s the English language I guess. In any case, that’s what you want when you are buying jewelry. Something that is REALLY PRETTY and REALLY GOOD at the same time. So good jewelry that you will be proud to give it to your loved one or yourself, if you love yourself more than your loved one (L.O.L again)

Wholesale Jewelry

Of course, you might be a re-seller of jewelry, and you are looking for Pretty Jewelry that you can buy for re sale, in other words Wholesale Jewelry.

What about if you say “I’m poor, can I buy good jewelry cheap?”

Well, if you are in this category you are not alone. Quite apart from the recent international economic downturn, there have always been heaps of poor people who have to count their pennies every time they buy a loaf of bread. This is often not of their doing. They could be really industrious people who because of circumstances, perhaps marriage breakups, or being owed a lot of money, or just in a very difficult social situation where most folks are really poor, have no spare cash to spend on luxuries like jewelry.

Does this mean if you are poor, you can’t enjoy some of life’s little jewelry luxuries

black opal ring featuring green opal
black opal ring featuring green opal

Not at all. Fine and good jewelry can be interpreted a lot of ways nowadays. In old times you had to be rich to own anything that looked pretty but with the onslaught of all sorts of laboratory produced stones, practically everyone can afford something to brighten up their lives. In the case of diamonds for example, the laboratory produced stones are so good that some jewelers without special equipment would find it very difficult to tell the difference, and guess what?

Some of these synthetics shine brighter than the real thing and are just as hardy. Like diamond, a lot of them are near impossible to scratch, so you don’t have to worry about wearing them in the garden except that you could dislodge them from the setting. This applies equally to real gems as well as lab produced ones.

Real gemstones are possible too even if you are poor.

But it IS nice to own some good jewelry that is natural even if it’s only to flash them in front of your friends and make them a bit jealous. Take Opals for example. Opal is one of the only gemstones which cater for all types of pockets. Opal can be manufactured in such a way that you can have a stone that is not expensive but is still a real, natural, gem. This is because opal comes in such a large variety of colors, shades, depths, and values.

For example, solid white opal from Coober Pedy in South Australia is a stone that is quite opaque, that is the color sits on the surface of the stone. This makes it a much cheaper gemstone in the eyes of the opal merchants, and yet a very large proportion of people just love the more delicate features of this cheaper opal gem.

a summary of ancient jewelry

Black opal is often not for the poor

And yet, the same features of a black opal can be duplicated by merely cutting the white or crystal opal thinner and setting it in a black background with a crystal cap to protect it.(as illustrated in the pics) Some of these much cheaper stones, even really large ones can be purchase already set in precious silver for under $100 and they look like something worth $5000 and more.

Good Jewelry can ad “sparkle” to life

So you can see that Good Jewelry, particularly good OPAL jewelry is not always the possession of the rich. Most folks can enjoy it’s beauty and add a little more “sparkle” to life. Take a look at Particularly the section specializing in lower priced good jewelry.

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