Genuine Opal Rings at Opalmine

Genuine Opal Rings at opalmine

Genuine opal ring featuring a rectangular green blue solid boulder opal with two circles of rubies in sterling silver
Genuine opal ring – 5460

Why the expression “genuine” when talking about Opal rings? So many people search online for a genuine opal rings and i guess they put the word genuine there because they know there are so many opals as with all other gemstones that are not genuine. Of course there are some beautiful synthetics and one thing about it, their existence has made jewelry affordable to so many folks who would never have been able to afford it. And whats wrong with that? Nothing of course.

But most folks who have a few extra dollars to spend want to have the real thing and on this site you will not only find genuine opal rings but you will learn so much about how to tell one opal from another. Their origins. There history. Their settings and designs. There must be over a thousand different types of jewelry, many of them opal rings”, most of them one offs, meaning that no one else on the planet has something exactly the same.

This particular boulder opal ring features a brilliant striped green color in a rectangular shape with small circles of rubies jutting out from both sides of the bezel. It is a nice chunky silver ring with substantial metal in the shank and the band, ensuring many years of reliable wear. Boulder opals are very difficult to fake as they are attached to ironstone and have a natural look to them.

Its very difficult for the average person to see the difference between real and synthetic opals and you pretty well have to take the word of the seller in this matter. If you like, take a look at the opalmine reputation from the point of view of the customer not from our recommendation and you can find lots of comments here.


Take a look here to see 5460 ‘genuine opal ring” featuring green boulder opal with small genuine rubies set in sterling silver.

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