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Opal Bracelet 6406


Opal Bracelet: Triplet d'opale

5 matching genuine Australian opals set in chain style bracelet. Type: Opale triplet australienne authentique

Origine: Coober Pedy Opal champs Montant: 5 (noyaux) Taille du plus grand opale: 5 mm (autour) Métal: 18k Gold Plated Conditionnement: Free velvet box or pouch Garantir: Perpetual international

Transport maritime: Veuillez noter que nous recommandons uniquement l'expédition DHL pour un service rapide et fiable. C'est plus cher mais nous inclurons un pendentif opale gratuit pour plus que vous couvrir pour cette dépense. Veuillez cliquer sur le rose HELP bouton si vous avez une question et Peter vous enverra un e-mail.

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Opal Bracelet

What is a Triplet Opal? Une opale triplet montre une couleur plus uniforme austère et magnifiée d'un doublet parfois. It has been found that the thinner the opal is, the brighter and more stark the foreground color.

The only problem is that if the opal is too thin it is not safe and can be easily damaged, particularly in the jewelry manufacturing process where the closing of jewelry claws can easily damage the edge of the opal.

Hence it was discovered that by attaching a clear crystal cap to the stone, the opal is protected and a very pleasing high dome is achieved.

D'où, the term triplet which is a combination of a dark background, the precious opal attached the same as a doublet but with a clear cap fitted.

Triplets are one of the most popular forms of opal again because they look just like very expensive black opals at a very reasonable price.

Noter: The Opal bracelet comes dressed in a really nice velveteen jewelry box or gift pouch and the price of handling and shipping is all included in this price.

Il n'y a plus rien à payer. Keep in mind too that our guarantee does not run out in a year. Please take a look at a list of happy customers who have given us some nice references.


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Dimensions 17 × 23 × 7 cm


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