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Boulder Opal Unset 1039


Boulder Opal unset

Champ: Queensland (Australie)

Pierre Taille: 12×10 mm

Poids: not listed.

Transport maritime: Gratuit

Conditionnement: Gem pouch

Garantir: International

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‘Unset opal’

This means that the stones are not set into jewelry. En d'autres termes, ils sont coupés et polis prêts pour la mise en

Boulder opales come in various shades of chocolate brown which is the ironstone where the gems are found. They are often cut and polished in the matrix, giving the stones a nice contrasting background where the color peeps out in various shapes and shades.

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Boulder Opal Unset

Brillant vert-bleu sur un fond de ferrugineuse brillant rocher. This lovely piece would make a stunning pendant

Triangular drop shape boulder opal ready for setting


Additional information

Poids 0.2 kg
Dimensions 17 × 23 × 7 cm


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