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Opal rings in Australia

Opal Rings in Australia, the most reliable source of opal: Details would not be complete without a brief review of the opal fields. Since the mid 19ème century when opal was first found in Australia in Queensland and later in NSW at White Cliffs, then Coober Pedy and Andamooka. White Cliffs was mined out and the town became just about empty but a few miners have been hanging on and recently another large find of high-quality crystal opal was found and it looks like the town will be entering a new phase.

Other mines such as Lightning Ridge where the black opal comes from have been struggling too with very few new areas being found.

What makes Australian Opal arguably the best in the world?

opal rings in australia
Black opal set in 18k yellow gold

Australia is a very dry continent. Most of the population live in the coastal areas where most of the rain falls but in the outback often there is no rain and a lot of it is a desert.

The South Australian mines are in very dry areas. North to Lightning Ridge and further north in the Queensland boulder opal fields, things get a bit wetter and in a good season, there are good crops of wheat grown at Lightning Ridge and other areas raise healthy cattle.

However despite the rainfall, the area is basically dry which can be uncomfortable for living but offers the best environment for high-quality opals because opal, being a hydrated silica needs to release its moisture gradually over a long dry period, and hence the opals from these areas are more secure than other parts of the world where the stones often come from more mountainous and coastal wet areas.

Opal Rings in Australia but where do they come from?

By all accounts, it was first discovered in Western Queensland to the north-west of Australia. This type of opal comes in sometimes large boulder ironstone in the north of this state but also in small nodules called ‘nuts’ in the towns of Yowah and Koroit south-west of the state.

Comme mentionné précédemment, black opals are in Lightning Ridge south of the Queensland border and further south white and crystal opals are found in Coober Pedy, Andamooka, and White Cliffs as well as a number of other smaller mining areas.

What are the different types of opal found in Australia?

Boulder opal is given that name because it comes in thin veins in the boulder ironstone. Black opal is called that, not because the opal is black but because the color is found with a dark or black background creating the effect of throwing the color forward and making it darker and more striking.

Light and crystal opal from the other fields is a more delicate stone with its own amazing appeal. At times it is opaque in that the color forms on the outside or surface of the stone and at other times is more crystal or translucent so that you can see deep into it.

What to look out for when buying an Australian Opal

Look for brilliance in the color of the stone. If the stone looks at YOU instead of you having to look at it, you will know its a good stone. Its all about what appeals to the eye. If you are buying an opal ring, its best to get a solid opal black, rocher, or crystal if you are the type of person who doesn’t look after your rings so well. If you are a bit careful a nice triplet will be fine as these stones give the brilliance of the best quality black opals at a fraction of the price but its best not to wear them constantly in wash-up water or gardening for obvious reason.

Opal Rings in Australiaring guarantees are important

When shopping for Australian opal, look for suppliers who give an international guarantee that is perpetual, pas seulement pour un an. That way, unless you drop the stone or break it against something hard, the supplier will guarantee its security after many years of ownership.

Australian opal ring Finger sizing

When shopping for Opal rings in Australia, first find out your finger size or the size of the person you are giving it to so that you can search for the ring with the right size. If you like something that is the wrong size you can ask about getting it sized. Here is some information about determining what finger size you need if you don’t know. At this site you will also learn about the different ways finger sizes are listed in different countries.

Comments from Australian opal ring buyers

“Dain received the ring at his work on Friday. J'ADORE la bague, it’s beautiful!!! Et le pendentif que vous avez envoyé correspondait parfaitement à la bague., it’s a style I would have chosen myself. Merci, Peter I’m chuffed to bits.”

Michelle Smith, Chesham, Buckinghamshire

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