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Bijoux en opale (bijoux)des photosBijoux en opale (bijoux)

Bijoux en opale (bijoux): By extension, it is used to describe the combination of two words for the purpose of marrying two ideas.

For example, we get ‘blogby joining ,’weband ‘log.We get ‘smogby combining ‘smokeand ‘fog’. We get ‘Pinterestwhen you bring together ‘Pinand ‘Interest.‘Motorand ‘Hotelgives us Motel. You can even make up your own if you like.

Pinterestis actually a portmanteau of ‘pinand ‘interest

UN Portmanteau is actually ‘a suitcase (a ‘port’ ou ‘openingwith two compartments')

My industry (opales) est very visual. Most people (apart from canny investors) buy gems based mostly on the appeal to the eye. That’s why the latest social networkPinterestis such a good concept because it encapsulates a lot of ideas and feelings visually in an instant of time, giving depth to the meaning of that well-known adage: One picture is worth ten thousand words“.

If you are running an online business, It’s worth starting up a Pinterest Board like ours montré ici and exchange worthwhile pictures. Its free, and folks are more inclined to click on an interesting picture than boring words for the reasons given below.

You may not realize it but your brain thinks in pictures, not in words. if someone says ‘elephantto you. Do you think of the structure of the word, or do you visualize the amazing animal?

How do you think people learn long lists of numbers and remember them in an instant? Because they have applied a system of learning that turns each number into a picture. A picture is like a trigger. As soon as you see it, a thought or an idea is fired into our thinking process. You see a picture of a pendant (Par exemple) and it triggers off ‘opal jewelry’)

To illustrate: if you want to remember the numbers 1,2,3, you would assign the number 1 as a tree. Number 2 as a penny farthing bicycle. Number 3 as a three-legged stool. Of course to remember 1,2,3 is very simple but if you had to remember 187409231034782347917652, it would be a different matter. The system is explained ici

Another method: You can also use the rhyming system, which links your number to an image or picture of something that rhymes with the number. (c'est à dire, 4 rhymes with door, six rhymes with bricks, seven rhymes with heaven) check it out ici. that there was a tree, with a bike leaning against it and a stool next to it so you can get onto the bike easier.

That sounds simplistic, but that’s how it’s done. you can learn long numbers by remembering a picture story as long as you get the pictures in the right sequence and the more vivid and ridiculous the picture, the easier it will be to remember. You can also associate the picture with your other senses such as smell and touch, cold and heat, light and dark, joy and sadness, comfort and pain, and many more emotions.

Put words into pictures in Pinterest Opal Jewelry (bijoux)

Words are the building blocks of language. But how many of us really understand them? You will find out how much you dont know if you get to know them better. View words as people you would like to befriend. How are you going to do that without knowing their name, their origin, their backgrounds, what they stand for?

The same goes for words. Don’t just find the conventional dictionary meanings. Look at the origins of these words by consulting a dictionary of etymology. That way you can strip away here-says, perceptions based on creeds and traditions, and get to the root of the matter. Like checking your foundations to find out why there is a crack in the wall of your house.

Without going into a lot of philosophical stuff which may bore you, take for example the common understanding of the word ‘hellIf you asked perhaps half the worlds population what it means, they will tell you its a burning fire under the ground where bad people go.

But take a look in the etymological dictionary and you will find that if your name isWilliamit comes (among other origins) from an old German word ‘Willahelmwhich means (in English) fromwillio‘the will to cover’, meaning that a ‘Williamis a person who covers for, or protects something or someone. So ‘hellrather than being a place of heat and torment, is actually a place of protection where there is no pain. Hence our English word ‘helmet’ (to cover the head)

Other English words, ‘shell’ (a cover for a crustacean), ‘hall’ (a covered dwelling) ‘hilldirt to cover Anglo Saxon potatoes (as in ‘hellingthe potatoes Old Englishhill, mound,”). All mean the same thing. If you stick to the actual meaning of the word you find that everyone goes to hell, either covered with dirt or water, or in the case of cremation, the lid of a jar. (see below)

     Webster's Third New International Dictionary, unabridged, under "Hell"
dit: "from 'helan' to conceal."  The word "hell" thus originally conveyed
no thought of heat or torment but simply of a 'covered over or concealed
place.'  In the old English dialect the expression "helling potatoes" meant,
not to roast them, but simply to place the potatoes in the ground or in a

Now we dont want to turn this discussion into a philosophical wrangle, realizing that opinions vary from person to person. The point being made is that we should use our brains to arrive at the facts presented and base our life’s decisions on those facts for the benefit of all.

So in the spirit of the aforesaid, please feel free to develop the subject further, by leaving a message for Peter (Bruzzo) on the blog below.

To reiterate, you can add a heap of meaning to your life by treating words as friends that you want to get to know. And these word-friends can be located quickly with the use of pictures, with the added advantage of turning the table on words and turning them into pictures themselves, in our Pinterest board ‘Wise Sayings

Pinterest Opal jewellery

part of the Opalmine Pinterest site, has a lot of sayings from Bruzzo (an easier, Auzzie way of saying Peter Brusaschi) and other Pinterest contributors, mingled with lots of interesting pics from heaps of Pinterest members sites, as well as associated ‘comments’, ‘followsand ‘likes’.

Feel free to exchange pics if you like the sentiments expressed. Just keep in mind that all pictures and comments in our Pinterest pages are vetted for good moral standards suitable for families with little kids to enjoy. Please let us know immediately if you see something that is of questionable content.

Pinterest Opal jewellery, putting pictures to the words

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    1. Yes life is funny like that. Sometimes we dont even think about the way things work. Sort of like driving a 5 speed gear box for 20 years not realizing that it had a fifth gear. Believe it or not, that HAS happened. But more importantly people often do that with the most mysterious machine in the known universe, our brains. It was said once that the brain is a ‘dark mystery locked in a bony boxbut in recent years scientists have found out a lot more about it, and of course if you think about it logically you can work most of it out yourself just by thinking about the information above. Thanks for your comments Marty. Keep in touch. Bruzzo

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