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Australian opal jewellery

Australian opal jewellery is world famous for the following reasons. Bien, nous ne disons pas que d'une certaine manière, ils sont différents ou plus créatifs que les bijoux de n'importe quel autre pays.. Mais ce que nous disons, c'est lorsque les bijoutiers présentent cette incroyable pierre précieuse OPAL dans leurs créations., quelque chose de vraiment spécial commence à se produire.

Bijoux en opale australienne
opal pendant from Coober Pedy field

You see, the world has been accustomed to a particularlookin stone set jewelry (jewellery-English spelling), and that ‘lookis often centered around popular faceted gems such as diamonds, saphirs, and rubies. Bien sûr, there are many other non-faceted stones (called cabochons, or dome-shaped stones)

Comme règle, gemstones which are not transparent or translucent are cut with a domed top because they are opaque and don’t rely on the deflection and diffraction of light to produce a sparkle, apart perhaps from opaque red rubies and sapphires which sometimes feature a light reflection like a ‘star.

Hence the term ‘star sapphiresor ‘star rubies.There are of course shell based gemstones calledammoniteswhich in some way are reminiscent of the opal change of color.

Unique Australian Opal Jewellery

Australian opal (and for that matter, opal from wherever it is found internationally) est totalement unique dans le monde des pierres précieuses. Some opals, bien sûr, are opaque like other cabochon gems. Notably Coober Pedy milk or white opal which does have a beautiful change of color but it is mainly on the surface of the stone.

Cependant, Opale de cristal (named for its appearance rather than its technical i.d.) can be slightly translucent, allowing the eye to look deep into the gem and be tantalized by colors that come and go and change from one color to another as the stone is rotated.

Summary of Australian Opal Jewelry

What do we mean by ‘unique?’

Some opals are similar to others but none are exactly the same and if you add black and boulder opals into the equation, the exclusivity of these gemstones expands into another realm which the images on well illustrate.

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