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Anniversary gift ideas

Idées cadeaux d'anniversaire
Large Black Opal pendant

Idées cadeaux d'anniversaire: Il y a quelque chose dans le fait de donner quelque chose à quelqu'un qui nous fait quelque chose de spécial, humains. Comme le disaient les écritures anciennes, citer: “il y a plus de bonheur à donner, qu'il n'y a à recevoir” et ce truisme est resté incontesté pendant plus de 2000 années.Bien, bien sûr, comme tout dicton sage, there are many who would question it and challenge its validity in this greedy dog-eat-dog world, but those generous souls who still inhabit this amazing planet stick by this principle and I would wager to say that even though they may not be the richest folks financially, they would definitely be richer in happiness and in human relationships.

Gift giving concept problems

There are many…. but this article crystallizes them into just a couple of objections

1. If you keep giving, you will only attract takers who will just bleed you for everything you have and…

2. Gifts are often not given spontaneously but rely on occasions to prompt the action. The danger being that the action is taken not necessarily out of a true feeling of love but out of a feeling of obligation.

Giving to those who don’t appreciate it

To address the first objection, it would have to be said that this will always be the case. No matter how you try to be generous, there will always be people who will keep taking and will not reciprocate buy a demonstration of appreciation.

If you are a generous person you will just have to expect this and not allow it to destroy your good intentions. For the number of folks who will treat you in this way, you are sure to find folks who will really thank you for your kindness and will hand back to you on a platter, feelings that will give you the greatest happiness.

No matter how much we are told that humans are really only just another form of evolved animals, those who really think about it know that happiness is more important than ‘thingsand the greatest happiness is achieved by generosity and the habit of doing things for others without making them feel that they have to give you something back. Donc, again, as the old scriptures say: “Do not forget the doing of good…for by doing this, some have entertained angels

Idées cadeaux d'anniversaire

(Gift giving to those who have a special place in our hearts) No all ‘triggeredgift giving is wrong. Sometimes, because of the busy lives we live, we sometimes forget to say thanks or do something to show we appreciate those close to us (or for that matter, strangers too) Anniversaries are an example of this.

Too many marriages are ending up in divorce because of taking one another for granted. Despite what evolutionists would tell us, we are not Chimpanzees!. We are affected by what others say and do and a spoken word at the right time can serve to dissolve difficult situations that are bound to arise between two people who love one another.

Anniversary Gifts by year

And nowadays there is no excuse if you have a calendar in your email program so that a little note comes up reminding us of anniversary gifs by year. Malheureusement, a lot of these email-based calendars don’t even give you a days notice so the good old sticker note attached to your monitor might be a better option.

This might sound a bit mechanical but like we said, it is a busy world and if you are like our family, people are coming and going all the time, demanding our time and everything seems to stop when we make sure that folks feel welcome over a cup of coffee.

Anniversary Gifts for HER

Hesitatingly we say that gifts for the girls might be said to be slightly more important than the opposite, considering the makeup of many of our dear wives or girlfriends, many of whom just CANNOT do without jewelry and flowers.

The guys mostly have a different point of view on that subject. (You would be correct in assuming that there is a guy writing this article so I am trying to be as neutral as possible and if anyone has some objections, please make your point in the blog in this site. We would be delighted to hear from you)

Idées cadeaux d'anniversaire
crystal opal ring with diamond

Donc, we have to make it pretty easy for the guys in this case because it wouldn’t be any revelation to state that guys are not the best at selecting clothing, or ornaments, or other things that girls like.

Flowers are always a good bet because guys can get their gift giving training on this commodity by observing what type of flowers the girls like, or what they have bought for them on previous occasions.

Dans le cas des bijoux, this takes a bit more thinking and budgeting because you can go crazy spending more than your budget very easily because we are not talking about a $20 bunch of carnations or a liver orchid that could set you back $50 à $100.

We are talking about something that you could easily spend thousands of dollars on and that’s ok if you are in that financial league but most folks are not.

Anniversary ideas in jewelry

If it’s a girl reading this article, there should be no need to go into too many details about the different types of jewelry, but keeping in mind that approximately 50% males and 50% females read blog articles at least at our site, it would make sense to make sure that the guys know what we are talking about.

Idées cadeaux d'anniversaire
brilliant green triplet opal
Idées cadeaux d'anniversaire
black opal pendant with diamonds

Anniversary pendants or necklaces

Par exemple, what’s the difference between a pendant and a necklace? Bien, they both hang around the neck but there is a difference. Pendants are usually single jewelry items with a bale (a hole for the chain to go through) at the top, whereas a pendant is often a multi-layered jewelry piece often involving multiple jewelry designs and, ou, gemstones with a chain attached without the need of a bale.

Anniversary Rings

Rings don’t need any explanation, but styles of rings certainly do. Rings can be made of metal such as gold in various karats such as 9k, 14k,18k, with or without attached gemstones. For anniversaries, some choose to have a name engraved in a ring. Others would like to buy a ring with one of the many varieties of gemstones either claw or bezel set into the gold or silver.If you are a guy reading this article, certain decisions must be made that can be difficult, particularly if you want to keep the gift a secret until the appropriate time. If you are deciding to get a gemstone, you must think about the type of gems your wife or girlfriend is attracted to.

Nowadays, since diamonds are becoming more plentiful with the use of many tiny diamonds that are not so expensive as large ones, the trend is to wear something a bit more imaginative such as a colored gemstone.

Colored gem categories, to state a few are: Blue, vert, and party-colored sapphires, amethysts, citrines, émeraudes, rubies etc. One gemstone which seems to encompass and contain a little bit of all the gemstones is Opal since it features a change of color from red to blue, vert, jaune, orange and all the rest of the color spectrum. Often you can figure out what your wife likes by the color of the outfits she favors.

As far as ring design is concerned, ask yourself if your wife likes more plain straightforward designs or does she prefer more complex intricate designs in clothing and attire. It could be that she will like something with an outstanding opal or sapphire as the center stone, encased in small diamonds as a feature.

Anniversary gifts for husband.

Idées cadeaux d'anniversaire
boulder opal tie tack for gents

This can be a real challenge for you girls. And it could be that his workshop is full of all sorts of saws, drills, hammers, screwdrivers and chisels the result of both things he has bought for himself combined with previous anniversary guesses.

Bien sûr, guys really like tools and ‘fix itthings but in one way, they are pretty impersonal. Buying a guy a hammer and a shovel might imply something a bit separated from the concept of romance and marriage consolidation.

Guys usually don’t look at it that way, but it could well be that something more personal such as a gents ring or a bola tie might be more appropriate as an anniversary gift.

Idées cadeaux d'anniversaire
gents boulder opal ring

Rings for guys again take different forms although not as complex as the girls. There are signet rings which usually feature either a rectangle, square or oval top with a gemstone set or just plain gold or silver perhaps with some sort of design or workmanship engraved on the top. I could be a plain top with one single small faceted stone in one corner.The problem can be that guys generally wear larger rings than girls and large gemstones can be extremely expensive unless you go for a synthetic stone. A really interesting compromise to this is to invest in a Queensland Boulder opal from Australia. These amazing pieces have varying colors and patterns appearing naturally in a bed of chocolate ironstone which is part of the natural boulder they come from.

Encore, depending on whether your guy is more the type who likes refined and less rugged looking attire, you could go for a very neat small oval stone. But if your man likes more ‘blokeystyles as we would say in Australia, you could shop for a ring that has not so much color but more of the natural ironstone with interesting abstract features that add interest to the jewelry item.

If your guy likes wearing ties and dress shirts, you could opt for either a tie tack or a tie bar, et, or cufflinks to match.

Anniversary Gift Ideas for a boyfriend

Bien, this terminology seems to be a bit out of context because anniversaries are meant to be for married folks and you measure them from the first year on. Bien, I guess if your marriage day is being put off for a while, you could measure the time from when you first met. De toute façon, the advice in this section would be a repetition of what has been said in the former paragraphs.

Anniversary gift ideas for parents

This now comes into the realm of sons and daughters making the right decision for their parents. The focus of attention in this area obviously is based on expressing appreciation for what mums and dads have done for their kids over possible a long period of time.

It could be that your father and mother are celebrating 50 years of marriage, or it could be any time in between. The same principles as mentioned above can be applied to anniversary gifts for parents and jewelry is quite often an excellent option as Anniversary Gift Ideas.


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