• Opal frakoblet 2005
  • Opal frakoblet 2005
  • Opal frakoblet 2005
  • Opal frakoblet 2005

Opal frakoblet 2005


A most amazing crystal opal with very broad orange red pattern

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Chrystal Opal from Coober Pedy

Størrelse: 26×17 mm

Total Carats: over 10 karat. please request accurate carats

Status: Unset

Form: half oval (moon shaped)

Registered Post: Free to your door or post office box

More information
These stones and their close cousin, white or milk opal are some of the best known opals in the world because of the fact that crystal and white opal have been mined for centuries, if not for thousands of years. European supplies came from the opal mines in Hungary which are all but mined out now. The difference between crystal and white opal is that crystal is more translucent, in that you can actually see down deep into the stone. White opal is opaque, the color being on the surface of the stone. Crystal opals are the more expensive variety.

Where do they come from?

Most light opals come from The Coober Pedy fields and this one is no exception.

Beskrivelse This beautiful piece flashes stunning and brilliant orange pink in a huge pattern


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