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For Pre-Arranged Orders/Payments

Note: If the information below is confusing to you, simply fill out the contacts form here and we will talk you through it.

This section is only intended for private or pre-arranged transactions. All other products can be ordered using our online shopping cart system. Pre arranged or orders that are an extension of a current order can be organised in this section.

An example of when this is necessary is when someone orders and pays for a copy of the ‘opal bloke’ cd and then decides to take the offer of $120 worth of rough opal, thus obtaining the CD for free. This will leave a balance to pay of US85.00 This amount can be submitted through this special or private orders area. To save a lot of extra paperwork, we will just adjust your original invoice by hand and include this in your parcel so that you have a record of the adjustment.

For your security we are using PayPal to accept all private/pre-arranged payments. If you prefer a different payment system, please contact us, but experience has shown that PayPal is the most secure and easy to maintain system.

After you click Submit then click ‘Continue’

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2 thoughts on “Private Orders

  1. how much for unset opal pieces the entire lot and how do i order it.

    1. sima, sorry about late reply. i will email you again, peter

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