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We are located just below the border of NSW and Queensland on the mid coast of eastern Australia. We live in NSW but our Post office and bank is in Coolangatta, across the border, which makes it a bit difficult to work out at times.

Physical Location: 

The shop  below is now owned by my nephew Peter Youngson and his wife, Lisa.  Peter has focused on the Ugg Boot and Sheepskin Products side of the old Opal Miner’s Hut.

We use this shop as a local contact point, but most business is now done internationally online from this site.If you want to import Ugg Boots direct from Australia please leave your details below and I will get Peter to contact you. Contact the opal mine

Peter and his family ran the Opal Miner’s Hut for nearly 30 years to service local customers with opals and opal jewelry along with Sheepskin products but since the business became more and more international, the logical thing to do to open this little shop up to the world was to build it on the internet and since this decision was made back in 1996 the opalmine online business has grown from strength to strength.

People in any country can have immediate access to our stock and get the same impeccable service experienced by thousands not just since the beginning of the internet but stretching right back to 1972 when the business started. Please take a look here to follow some of the conversations from customers
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Physical Contact Address

Opalmine (Peter Brusaschi)
Box 512, Coolangatta, Qld, Australia, 4225
Text message from overseas: +61 414 950 914
Text message within Australia: 0414  950 914
Live Chat:  Please contact us through our live chat system. if the time difference prevents immediate contact, please leave your email address and Peter will contact you at first opportunity

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