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Opal Stone Price around the World

Opal Stone Price Around the World This article is written as a general guide for pricing opals from www.opalmine. Opal Stone Price around the world can vary from just a few dollars to many thousands of dollars. In this article, we will first give you an idea of how the price structure of opal works. […]

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Crystal Opal Calibrated

Crystal Opal Calibrated Crystal Opal Calibrated: To make it easier for jewelers to set stones into rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets and whatever else has to be done it is an advantage to use opals that have been cut to a standard size. This way the jeweler can use wax to create shapes and designs to […]

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Opal Unset Free-Form Crystal

Opal Unset free-form crystal Opal unset free-form crystal…This stone has sold. please go here to contact us Size: 21×19 mm Total Carats:11.80 ct (approx) Status: Unset Shape:Free-form Registered Post: Free to your door or post office box More information about Opal Unset free-form crystal These crystal opal stones and their close cousin, white opals or milk opal are some of the […]

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