Boulder Opal Pendant Cluster

Boulder opal pendant cluster
Boulder opal pendant cluster-4179

Boulder Opal Pendant Cluster

Boulder opals are from the western Queensland Australia, opal fields. This particular boulder opal pendant cluster is set in sterling silver with a bezel surround.

It contains seven marvelous boulder opals featuring the green color but combined with other colors. The surface of the stones show hints of boulder ironstone ensuring that this item is a completely natural gemstone, not manufactured or synthesized in any way.

Each stone is different in itself but the green-blue them is maintained throughout the cluster of seven bezel set pieces in 925 sterling silver. This lovely boulder opal pendant also includes a chain with a black velveteen gift box and shipping is free.

Boulder Opal Pendant Cluster
The same pendant from a different angle

Boulder opals come from the western Queensland fields

starting with the small opal mining town of Yowah west of Cunnamulla, then stretches up through Duck Creek fields, Junda, then Quilpie and further north through Blackall, Winton and the smaller fields around Opalton.

These fields are quite different to the southern black opal field of Lightning Ridge in that most of the work is done with Bulldozers and excavators and the mines are separated from one another sometimes by hundreds of miles.

In Lightning Ridge, you get the feeling that the small mines are all around the town, which many of them are except the Sheepyards and Grawin mines as well as Coocoran and others.

When a large boulder ironstone is found that has signs of opal, the Miner usually has to break it down with a sledge-hammer. Unfortunately, a lot of good opal is destroyed this way but unless you have very large diamond blades on hand, it’s very difficult to move them closer to civilization so there is little else that can be done.

Most miners get to know the type of boulders they are processing and manage to avoid this problem as much as possible by smashing the boulders in the least likely place to cause damage. Boulder opal pendant like this cluster are the end result of all this hard work.

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