Black Opal

Black Opal

Black opal of Lightning Ridge: This glorious semi-black opal from the Lightning Ridge opal field, the home of the famous mines in Western New South Wales, Australia is a rare example of a perfectly cut high domed oval stone suitable for a ring or pendant.

The stone is not classically black but is in the same family, being dark in the background. It has a delicate presentation of colors ranging from pretty greens and blues to flashes of oranges and yellows and lots of other variations. Click here for a more full description of sizes, weights and freight details.

Black Opal
black opal high domed oval
Black opal unset with orange green features
compared with dime coin note green orange tones

Black Opal – perfect high domed oval

is a particularly high domed piece with an amazing combination of colors. the picture here shows a dominant green yellow but the actual stone has more orange in it. I like the shape of this oval.

It would make a fantastic ring stone and I would suggest that it would be best set longwise on the finger rather than across the finger. Opals of this caliber are becoming rare and can only go up in price.

Black-opal-loose gemstone with orange green features
showing orange green features

Black opal is being found in other parts of the world and this has to a degree filled the gap for Australian opal fields which are running out fast. However non-Australian opals while not all craze prone (cracky) are mostly what is called hydrophone which means that they absorb water and as soon as that happens the color disappears.

It is claimed that the color returns but some customers to this site have said that the color does not return. Take a look here (you will need to pan down the page until you get to the question from Sophie Lee where you will see a picture of her opal and the answer I gave.

More information on the subject of black opal and other types

If you want to learn more about black opal as well as the numerous other types of opal, here is a site with some excellent information

Black opal

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