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Opal Set 9017

opal set

Boulder Opal Matrix set.

Boulder Opal Pendant 4260

Boulder Opal Pendant

This stunning natural boulder opal matrix is definitely one of a kind with it’s translucent jelly blue/mauve and green sparkles against the natural brown ironstone. Set in a nice simple sterling silver pendant in order to not take away any attention from the stone.

About boulder opals

Boulder opals are mined in Queensland Australia which gives you the assurance that you are getting a gem that is secure and will not lose its color like so many stones from wet areas of the earth do. This particular stone has a more delicate crystal and translucent appearance which is totally fascinating.

These gems have had thousands of years to dry out and solidify in the Australian outback heat. The brilliant color comes in small veins throughout the mother stone which is brown ironstone.

The opal cutter uses diamond blades to extract the color and has to decide the direction of the clean-up process which is a very skillful time-consuming job.

These opals are not porous which means they will not suck water or moisture into them when exposed to dampness such as when washing your hands or taking a shower.

Opal Pendant comes with an international guarantee

As with all our jewelry collection, it comes with an international guarantee and you will also get a surprise gift with each order as well as free international shipping. If you are making a gift to someone and you have left it a bit late, ask us about our special ‘late gift card’ free service which is so successful that often its nearly as good as the gift itself because it builds anticipation.

Boulder Opal Ring 5400

Boulder Opal Ring

For more information about boulder opals please click on the picture guide mentioned above but basically boulder opals are another kind of black opal. The difference being that the ‘mother’ of this type of opal is chocolate colored ironstone found often in large boulders in the Winton, Quilpie, Yowah, Koroit areas of western Queensland.

This particular stone is a boulder opal matrix from the Winton field. It has an unusually high dome with brilliant splashes of color against the chocolate brown ironstone. “matrix” means that the opal features are held in the matrix or mother ironstone.

These amazing stones are very secure and reliable and of course, this ring comes with an international perpetual guarantee.


Black Opal Mens Jewelry

Black Opal Mens Jewelry

Black Opal Mens Jewelry
black opal in yellow gold
Black Opal Mens Jewelry
black opal in white gold

Black Opal Mens Jewelry comes in many varieties. The term ‘black opal’ is usually associated with Lightning Ridge where the opal comes out of the ground mixed with what is called black “potch” which is actually natural opal without color

Black Opal Mens Jewelry
lightning ridge black opal

When it sits at the back of precious opal color it has a dramatic effect on the presentation of the stone, giving it a darker more dramatic look. Black opal is the rarest of all opals

Black Opal Mens Jewelry using boulder opal

Black Opal Mens Jewelry

Black Opal Mens Jewelry
Boulder opal matrix
Black Opal Mens Jewelry
unique shape boulder

However its close cousin, Boulder Opal is also considered a type of black opal because it has a dark brown background resulting in the same dramatic foreground colors.

Boulder opal is becoming very popular as black opal mens jewelry because it caters for such a wide variety of personalities. Some men like jewelry that is glittery and traditional in presentation.

Black Opal Mens Jewelry with a more rugged style

Black Opal Mens Jewelry
Boulder opal matrix in silver

Others prefer a more ‘rugged’ style that they consider to be more ‘manly.’ Boulder opal fits this perception very well because many boulder opals are a mixture of brown ironstone and color.

At times the ironstone itself is just as interesting as the opal color because it comes in all sorts of patterns and shapes. Sometimes you can perceive pictures in it and if the pictures are obvious enough can be very valuable.

Black Opal Mens Jewelry-Abstract stones

Black Opal Mens Jewelry
opal matrix free-form

You must have a little imagination to see them, sort of like looking at clouds. When there are not clear pictures, just like an oil painting they can be referred to as ‘abstract’ stones. They have interesting patterns that don’t identify with any known natural image.

For more information about Black Opal Mens Jewelry or some advice about sizing and ordering, don’t hesitate to contact Peter by filling in the box on the bottom right-hand corner of each page

Look for this:




Opal Rings

Opal Rings

Opal Rings
a stunning drop shaped boulder opal in silver

Opal Rings are much different from other types of rings in that there are so many varieties of opals and hence a wide selection of preferences. Like opals, all of us have different personalities. Different likes and dislikes.

Most girls for example just love jewelry but I know some who wouldn’t bother about it at all. That’s the wonderful thing about humans. There is an endless variety of people.

But what is it about opal and hence opal rings that make them unique. Well, the best way to answer that question is to focus on other gemstone rings that are very popular and perhaps better known than opal.

Diamonds, of course, come to mind immediately, and the promoters of this popular stone have done such a good advertising job, with the backing of film stars, movies, and posh magazines that in the minds of many girls, the ultimate piece of jewelry would be a diamond ring.

Opal Rings
Boulder opal free form with diamonds

Hence engagement and wedding commitments are often associated with diamonds. And yet this was not always the case in old times and in modern times. For example, in a relatively modern sense, people like Prince Charles in the United Kingdom gave Princess Diane a large blue sapphire ring surrounded with small diamonds which of course looked stunning.

Even so, unless you are a diamond or colored stone expert, to most folks all diamonds look the same apart from their settings and the metal chosen, whether white or yellow gold. Same applies to sapphires, rubies, emeralds, garnets, and other faceted type gems.

Of course, if a ruby is redder, a sapphire is bluer, or an emerald is greener, you can generally tell the difference but even so, I venture to say that most folks wouldn’t really know the difference.

Opal Rings, however, stand out as different. Not just because they are usually cut with a dome rather than facets, but the variety of them as aforesaid is endless. Here are some examples:

Crystal Opal Rings

Opal Rings
Snake style crystal opal in 18k gold
Opal Rings
a cluster of round crystal opals

Opal Rings were given that name, not because they have a crystalline structure but rather that when they were first discovered the original miners didn’t know what to call them because some of them were completely translucent (see-through) with just flashes of color, and others were slightly translucent.

Still others were opaque. But all of them were lighter in color and like crystal could be “looked into” rather than just surface or opaque. Hence the term ‘crystal opal’ rings. Note the variety. Even in this category, you have three or four distinct subcategories along with an endless selection of colors and patterns

Black Opal Rings

Opal Rings
Black opal in yellow gold with diamond

Opal rings made from black opal are a completely different story. When they were first discovered, again they didn’t know how to describe them but noticing that the opal color appeared naturally with a dark or black base of what is called ‘opal potch’, resulting in the foreground of the stone being darker and more striking than its more delicately featured sister, crystal opal.

The same thing as has already been mentioned applies to black opal. There is an endless variety of colors and patterns and, added to this, variations in depth of color depending on what shade of grey into black is in the background of the stone

Boulder Opal Rings

Opal Rings
Boulder Opal Matrix in silver with ruby and diamond

Opal rings featuring boulder opal open up a completely different ballpark altogether.

Here we have a stone similar to black opal because the color comes from veins resting on solid boulder ironstone instead of black potch, giving the same effect as black opal but (interestingly) often brighter than black opal because the opal surface is generally much thinner and the thinner it is the brighter it often becomes. Boulder opal makes fascinating opal rings.

opal rings
Side view of boulder opal ring showing ironstone and color
opal rings
Boulder opal rectangle with diamonds
opal rings
‘Yowah’ nut boulder opal in gold

Add to this the interesting fact that boulder opal color is often mixed in the surface with all sorts of other patterns from the mother ironstone along with other particles that nature put there that presents fascinating pictures and shapes that just mesmerize you.

Some people prefer to just see the color of the opal itself, but more and more people who focus on getting back to nature, just love the natural look of the boulder and the uniqueness of these pieces.

Doublet and Triplet Opal Rings

Opal Rings
doublet opal with four c.z. crystals
Opal Rings
dominant red opal triplet in silver

Doublets and Triplets are opals that the cutter makes use of thinner pieces of rough by setting them onto either black potch or boulder ironstone, thus creating the same effect as black and boulder opal but often at a far reduced price.

This means that just about anyone can afford to own an opal ring because the stone is still a natural opal that has been manufactured so that it can be set safely with a protective shield, in the case of opal triplets.

Hydrophane Opal

A word of caution in buying opal rings. In recent years quite a lot of this type of opal has been found in wetter areas of the globe and thought the opal can be very beautiful, is very porous and if it comes in contact with water, it will soak up the moisture and take away the color, leaving the stone a murky brown.

This is totally disappointing and even though it is claimed that you can bring the color back by putting it in the sun or a hot light, it’s not worth the risk as sometimes it has to be cleaned with acetone and this is a job for a specialist. It’s best to buy only from Australia because the opals come from a hot and dry climate and the opal is guaranteed not to fade.

Opal rings-cost advice

Opal rings-cost advice

Opal rings-cost advice-First consideration It’s pretty obvious that you have to think about an approximate budget before committing to buy. It’s possible to buy opal rings from under $50 if you look for low grade or synthetic lab opals (‘lab’ is short for ‘laboratory’ which means that they are man-made) Can you afford $100, $500, $1000, more or less. Then it’s easier to focus on the opal rings that you can afford. getting good Opal rings-cost advice is important

What would you expect to pay for a nice opal that suits your pocket?

I remember the time not too long ago when you could buy a troy oz of gold for under $50. But those days are in the past and currently, gold is selling for over $1200 per troy oz and threatening to go much higher.

So if you are looking for a cost of no more than perhaps $500, it would be best to focus on silver rather than gold metal. There are some lightweight gold rings for sale under that amount. This ring has a lot more metal but its silver gold plated.

Opal rings-cost advice
Boulder opal matrix ring in silver

Keep in mind the quality of the opal, not just the cost

Opal rings get a lot more rough treatment than pendants, brooches or bracelets because of the constant movement of the hands. Along with this, many wearers are not very kind with their jewelry and will leave rings on their fingers when working on the car, gardening, or doing the wash-up.

So if you are one of those types (as I am) its better to go for a solid opal rather than a doublet or a triplet which are fine as pendants and earrings, etc, but not recommended for rough work.

When arriving at the cost, double check the freight cost which might be nearly as much as the ring itself. Opal rings-cost advice helps you make the right decision.

In fact when considering this charge, look for a website that includes the cost of freight in the price so you know where you stand at a glance. Here is an example of an online shop which does that very thing.

The only exception to this is if you have a very short deadline to keep for a gift, in which case often a special courier has to be called and this cost can add up to $100 or so.

This can be quite difficult because some folks have fingers that get swollen knuckles and yet the area on

Finally, keep this important aspect in mind. You will be sorry if you forget it

Don’t just take a look at the design of the ring itself but check the FINGER SIZE. You will need to find out finger size of the person the ring is going to, whether it’s yourself, a wife, a husband, or a friend. Take a close look at the item online and check the finger size. In the USA the sizes are in figures.

For example, 7, 8, or 9 etc. In the UK its letters. (M, N, O etc) In Europe, it’s different again. For a full explanation of all these sizes, along with suggestions of how to find your size using the inside diameter of the ring.

John, one of the thousands of online opal ring buyers reported here

I have purchased a couple of products and am hugely satisfied with them, I think they are wonderful. They are gifts for my wife and I am sure she will be just as delighted as I am. The service was superb and I cannot find even the smallest criticism of the whole operation. Many thanks, John Allison


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Boulder opal matrix ring 5463

Boulder opal matrix ring

Very large heavy sterling silver opal ring featuring a free form boulder opal matrix stone from the Koroit fields

boulder opal ring information

go here to check about the different types of opal including boulder

opal pendant 4251

Opal Pendant

Stunning opal pendant with radiant blues and greens emanating from a dark chocolate boulder opal background set in gold with natural ruby- FREE SHIPPING

Boulder Opal from the Winton mines, Western Qld, Australia

Boulder Opal Pendant Description: Boulder opals hold a fascination rarely seen in other gemstones.

This one has a strip of precious opal in the middle surrounded by its ‘mother’ the natural boulder opal ironstone from which this type of opal jewelry gets its name.

This one comes dressed in a lovely black velvet gem box. The price includes international registered mail to your door or post office box.

Style of pendant

Fascinating blue green solid boulder opal matrix set with an accompanying natural ruby in gold. This boulder opal is a mixture of ironstone and precious opal that sometimes is described as the effects of a galaxy at night with the opal ‘stars’ shining through.

Explanation of Boulder opal

Contrary to common belief, black boulder opals are not black. They were given this name many years ago when the first prospectors who found them were astounded to see the dark brilliant colors coming from an opal that traditionally was considered a light colored stone.

The Europeans had long known the value of precious opal from the Hungarian mines which as far as we know where all pale or light colored stones.

Then, when opal was found in White Cliffs, and Coober Pedy, most of the stones were pale. Black Boulder Opal was one of the first stones found in Australian opal history.

It’s the dark in the background of the opal that causes the color to throw forward and have denseness and dynamic that the more delicate pale opal does not have.

The recent opal nomenclature (official naming) has identified boulder opals, if they have the same very dark background as Lightning Ridge, as Black opals. So properly they can be termed black boulder opal.


opal pendant 4234

Opal pendant Abstract Boulder

Fascinating contrasts between boulder ironstone and opal color in this genuine Australian solid boulder opal pendant. FREE SHIPPING

opal Pendant Description:

Consisting of an amazing boulder opal matrix stone with a remarkable circular shapes and patterns, one being a cylindrical area in the middle of the stone. A natural gemstone right from the earth without synthetic inclusions.

Type: Genuine Australian Solid Boulder Opal Stone Origin: Western QLD mines, Australia

Free Extras that come with this boulder opal pendant:

International registered airmail to your door or post office, and the boulder opal pendant comes dressed in a lovely black gift box or gem pouch, ready to be either gifted or stored in your jewelry collection. There is no more to pay.

Another free service: Keep in mind that we have a free ‘late gift’ service just in case you need it.

Please ask about it in the blog below if you are buying this item for a gift and you have left it a little late to get to you on time.

We can email the card to you for printing. Just give us the first names of the giver and receiver.

Reputation: 40 years reliable service in opal industry. Please take a look at the comments of just a few of the hundreds, actually thousands of customers we have served over the past 40 years. Our international guarantee does not last just a year. It goes on indefinitely.


Opal Unset 1093

Boulder Opal Unset ready for setting

A mixture of natural ironstone boulder and precious opal color. This lovely piece is free form in shape and has blotches of green with some orange.
Genuine Australian solid boulder opal matrix with lots of green with some blue and orange against dark ironstone.

Please feel free to make some comments in the blog below


Shipping: Included in price which means that after you make the order you don’t get any nasty surprises about extra costs associated with your purchase. We cover the freight and guarantee.

Another free service: Keep in mind that we have a free ‘late gift’ service just in case you need it.

Please ask about it in the blog below if you are buying this item for a gift and you have left it a little late to get to you on time.

We can email the card to you for printing. Just give us the first names of the giver and receiver.

Reputation: 40 years reliable service in opal industry. Our international guarantee does not last just a year. It goes on indefinitely.

Contact: Please inquire in opalmine live chat if you have any questions without obligation to buy anything. This is a service based site.
You Tube Video of unset black opal