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Opal Pendant 4242

Opal Pendant: Boulder Opal

Type: Genuine Australian solid boulder opal inlay Basic Shipping: included in the price Packaging: Comes in a luxurious black velvet gift pouch Size: 30×25 mm Opal Field: Koroit Feature color: brown ironstone patterns

Shipping: Please note that we only recommend DHL shipping for reliable prompt service. It’s more expensive but we will include a free opal pendant to more than cover you for this expense. Please click the pink HELP button if you have a question and Peter will email you.

Late Gift Card: If you are running late in receiving your gift please take note of our ‘free late opal gift card’. All you need to do is send us the name of the giver and receiver and we will email it to you for printing.

Reputation: 40 years of reliable service in the opal industry. Please note that our international guarantee does not last just a year. It goes on indefinitely. If you would like to hear from our happy customers please take a look at our testimonials and recommendations.

Boulder opal is becoming a very sought after gemstone for use in rings as well as pendants and all other types of opal jewelry. Years ago, unless the full color of a stone was observed, not much notice was taken of the other variations in patterns and shapes existing in the boulder opal ironstone associated with Koroit opal. Now however dealers and customers are getting to know the amazing variety of these patterns and are seeking this as much or even more than the opal by itself.


Unset Opals

Unset Opals
unset opals – boulder

Unset Opals

Unset opals are cut opals of any kind, which can be set into jewelry or kept as single pieces. It is a great option for buyers who want to choose the setting for their stone and not buy it already inlaid in a particular item of jewelry. The setting is optional – you can do it yourself or have your jeweler do it. Go to opalmine shop here

You are free to decide not only the design of the setting but also the kind of jewelry piece that you prefer. you can refer to the many designs featured here or on other pages of this blog. You can thus get a unique and exclusive piece from among a huge range of possibilities.

How unset opals are processed before setting

Completed stones are created by processing a rough opal piece. Here are some examples of ‘mine run’ as well as ‘rubbed’ or cleaned up rough opal. These pieces are cut and polished to enhance the play of color displayed by it.

The stone is first cleared of impurities and given a rough shape with a diamond cutter’s wheel. This is followed by fine cutting to give it a precise shape.

The cut stone is usually circular, tear-drop, dome or oval-shaped. Faceting may be done for some stones. It is then given a finish using sandpaper and a wet leather wheel is used to complete the polishing.

The final shape and orientation of the cut stone greatly influence the color and brilliance of the opal. The colors and patterns shown by the stone can be optimized by choosing a suitable cut. The stone is now an unset opal ready for processing further

Putting unset Opals into Jewelry

Stones may be of the standard size used in conventional jewelry such as these multiple choice parcels of pendants, or a free-flowing shape that follows the original shape of the rough opal. They can be used by a buyer in opal jewelry of their choice, such as necklaces, pendants, rings, tie pins, bracelets, brooches, hairpins etc.

They can also be inlaid into the dial, rim or belts of watches, or used to add exclusivity by inlaying in objects such as finger rings, pendants, footwear, spectacle frames, purses, belts, mobile phones etc.

Jewelers and Gold Jewelry

Jewelers and Gold Jewelry

Jewelers and Gold Jewelry
jewelry of the Princess of Ur

Jewelers and Gold Jewelry..Never did the archaeologists expect to find amazing evidence of ancient jewelers and gold jewelry in the ruins of this ancient city. The anticipation was building.

In the 1920’s Leonard Woolley had been given an assignment from the Pennsylvania Museum to do a thorough investigation of the newly discovered ruins of one of the most ancient cities in the world. Ur in Chaldea, modern Iraq, about 70 km south of Baghdad on the Tigris River.

To his disappointment, most of the ancient ruins had been ransacked by thieves. In the words of Woolley from the book: Treasures from the Royal Tombs of Ur. Woolley gives a summary of the tomb of Queen Puabi.

Evidence of Jewelers and Gold Jewelry in Ur of the Chaldees (modern Iraq)

“In the largest of all the stone-built royal tombs, which had been entered by robbers and most thoroughly plundered, there remained only one corner of the last chamber to be cleared, and we had given up an expectation of any ‘finds.’

Suddenly a loose bit of shell inlay turned up, and the next minute the foreman’s hand, carefully brushing away the earth, laid bare the corner of a mosaic in lapis lazuli and shell.” Evidence of jewelers and Gold Jewelry was staring them in the face.

Gold Jewelry dripping from the skeleton of the Princess of Ur

Six hundred burial places were uncovered. One of them was an immensely rich tomb that was dripping with gold jewelry. A woman’s handbag made from gold, containing gold makeup implements.

A gold and silver dagger was also found made from electrum, a mixture of gold and silver alloys.

The dagger had a handle made of a blue stone called lapis lazuli, not unlike the color of blue boulder opal seen at An intricate Gold Sheath was also discovered.

Precious stones with gold and silver jewelry

23 Servants lost their lives when the princess was buried and signs of their remains were in the tomb. There was a fortune in precious stones such as lapis and carnelian.

The Queen had a gold band wrapped around her head and attached to it was a frontlet band of lapis lazuli with beads of carnelian and pendants made from gold bands.

There was another layer of Gold jewelry consisting of gold beaten into the shape of leaves and inlaid with lapis and a white paste. She also had a comb made of gold and small gold roses and a pair of double Crescent shaped (‘Lunate’ or resembling the new moon) gold earrings.

Jewelers and Gold jewelry using beads as fillers, along with other gold implements

Her upper body and headdress had multitudes of small lapis and carnelian beads around her neck and as part of the diadem. Other pottery items had been resting near the walls of the chamber for thousands of years, made of gold and other metals. A gold drinking stray was found as well.

Ancient Jewelers and gold jewelry from that time would not look out of place today

The amazing part about this selection of gold jewelry is that it would not look out of place in the window of a modern ladies department store.

Styles of jewelry come and go, but the metals remain and go on and on, taking different shapes throughout the centuries of time but fitting basically into the same framework of pendants, rings, headdresses, bracelets and various types of clothing and hair attachments.

Jewelers and Gold Jewelry
location of ancient Ur in modern day Iraq

Ur was the hometown of the famous patriarch, Abraham, and his wife Sarah, who were asked by God to leave the city and travel up through the Mesopotamian valley in the direction of the Jordan River, which they did, after spending time with relatives in Aram to the north.

Thousands of clay tablets have been found, outlining the life and times of people who lived in this era and it has been said that in some cases what happened then has been better documented than other more recent periods of history.

It’s certainly true that those amazingly artistic jewelers and the gold jewelry they created is on a par with what is still being made today.

Take a look here to see some of the Jewelers and Gold Jewelry from contemporary jewelers not unlike the artisans of the ancient world.

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Opal Ring Sizing Chart

Opal Ring Sizing Chart to make sure it fits right

Opal Ring Sizing Chart: How to Find Your Ring Size for That Perfect Gift (For Yourself or Someone You Love)

If you already have a ring that fits well, please go down to the bottom of this chart where it says: ‘How to use the diameter of a ring’ to work out the size. If you don’t have a ring that fits and you need help with this click here or just check the details below

World Ring Sizing Chart
Please note that many countries now use the USA measurement as standard

Europe(circumference) Europe (diameter) USA & Canada U.K &Australia Most of Asia Switzerland France Japan(old system)
44.2 14.1 3 F 4 4 40½
44.8 14.3 5 41½ 2
45.5 14.5 G 42¾ 3
46.1 14.7 6 44 4
46.8 14.9 4 H 7 45¼
47.4 15.1 46½ 7
48.0 15.3 I 8 47¾ 8
48.7 15.5 J 9 49 9
49.3 15.7 5 9 50¼
50.0 15.9 K 10 51½ 12
50.6 16.1 10 N/A N/A
51.2 16.3 L 11¾ 52¾ 13
51.9 16.5 6 11 12¾ 54 14
52.5 16.7 M 12 55½ 15
53.1 16.9 13 14 56¾ 16
53.8 17.1 N 58 17
54.4 17.3 7 14 15¼ 59¼ 18
55.1 17.5 O 60½ 19
55.7 17.7 15 16½ 61¾ 20
56.3 17.9 P 62¾ 22
57.0 18.1 8 16 17¾ 64¼ 23
57.6 18.3 Q 66 24
58.3 18.5 17 67¼ 25
58.9 18.8 R 19
59.5 19.0 9 18
60.2 19.2 S 20¼
60.8 19.4 19
61.4 19.6 T 21½
62.1 19.8 10 20
62.7 20.0 U 21
63.4 20.2 10½ 22 22¾
64.0 20.4 V
64.6 20.6 11 23
65.3 20.8 W 25
65.9 21.0 11½ 24
66.6 21.2 X
67.2 21.4 12 25 27½
67.8 21.6 Y
68.5 21.8 12½ Z 26 28¾
69.1 22.0
69.7 22.2 13 27
70.4 22.4 Z+1
71.0 22.6 13½

How to use the diameter of a ring to apply to the Opal Ring Sizing Chart

Try working out your ring size by laying the ring on a ruler and measuring the MM’s or inches.

To check your finger size simply, just measure the diameter as shown below. Look to the column above with the heading ‘Europe Diameter’ Then go down the list till you find the diameter you have measured and look across to ‘USA and Canada’ list to find the international size.

If you don’t have a metric (mm) ruler, just email us the measurement with your inches ruler and we will work it out for you. If you like you can just email us the diameter and we will work it out for you.

Opal Ring Sizing ChartOpal Ring Sizing Chart

Ring Sizing by Remote Control (using the Ring Sizing Chart)

Finger Rings are by far the most popular of all jewelry (“jewellery“ As it is spelled in original English) terms.

Finger Rings are just about as old as history. People have used them for everything from identifying themselves as a member of a club, a school, a university, or as readers of the Phantom comic. (who could forget the skull and crossbones Phantom Ring)

But nothing that rings have been used for could compare with the symbolism they represent in expressing romantic feelings between man and woman, boy or girl.

Nowadays with the convenience of ordering online, a problem presents itself. How do you find out the correct size ring to order so that your gift will fit the finger of the wearer?

Opal Ring Sizing Chart

This is a professional ring sizer to compare with the Ring sizing chart-but if you don’t have one of these, check below

How Can You Find Out The Ring Size, and Still Keep the Ring Gift A Secret?

Often guys, who buy gifts for girls, don’t want to let them know whats coming. They want it to be a surprise. Particularly if it’s a marriage proposal. So how do you find out the size of her finger without letting her (or him) know?. If the girl is buying a ring for her guy, how does SHE find out too?

The Ring finger wedding ring is the second from the little finger, in case you didn’t know. It does vary from one nation to another but in most Western Countries it’s on the left hand. In Germany the wedding ring band starts off on the left hand for engagement then is transferred to the right hand to stand for marriage.

As you can see on the ring size chart, the sizing system also varies between countries although the US size is becoming the standard, like the USD.

It must be said first of course that if you have a ring finger engagement ring with marriage in mind, it would be wise to discuss the details with the receiver of the ring to make sure it fits his or her preferences and that it is sized properly.

You can do this by sifting through jewelry books or looking in shop windows, or, as is becoming more popular, type in ‘jewelry designs’ or ‘ring designs’ or maybe be a bit adventurous and look for something different.

Nearly everyone uses diamonds for engagement rings but why not look at something a bit more interesting such as opals, sapphires, rubies, etc. But then, we are getting off the track. How do you find the right ring size?

Usually, the first thing you think of is to ask the person’s mother or close friend if she knows the right size. If she doesn’t, maybe she can ask the close friend to ‘borrow’ one of the rings and try it on their own finger, carefully making a mark to show where it fitted well.

Then later go to a jeweler and get the finger sized to that mark. This could even be done in front of the person just by making out they are interested in the ring and asking if they could try it on. Just use a bit of initiative in this. If you ask someone to do this, better make sure you remind them that it’s a secret.

You could of course take the ring itself to a jeweler for ring sizing if you can do it without suspicion, then compare that information with the opal ring sizing chart.

You could also find something that is tapered, like a candle, and slip the ring over it and make a mark. Then get the candle mark sized by a jeweler and compare it with the ring size chart.

Can all rings be re-sized? Most can, but signet rings can be a problem if there is too much gold and silver on the edge of the ring where it tapers down your finger. (This is called the ‘shoulder’ of the ring.

Having said that, most skilled jewelers can size these rings as well, using the information in the ring sizing chart. The only problem rings are those that have inlaid stones such as opal or turquoise that are inlaid into the shank itself.

Ring sizing jewelry like this is almost impossible because the stretching of the ring can cause the stones to crack. Check with your opal or turquoise supplier before purchasing these rings. Make sure they are the correct size at the time of buying.

We hope that you have benefited by this article featuring the ring sizing chart. If you need any help with it, please leave a message in the blog on this page

Please note that the following video might just complicate things but its another way of looking at the job.