Day: August 19, 2018

Opal engagement rings

Opal engagement rings Opal engagement rings! It’s a BIG decision because this ring is not just for a special occasion but captures a memory for the rest of your life, The wearing of rings for engagement and other reasons goes back a long way. See: History of the wearing of rings Some of the earliest examples […]

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Opal Rings in Australia

Opal rings in Australia Opal Rings in Australia, the most reliable source of opal: Details would not be complete without a brief review of the opal fields. Since the mid 19th century when opal was first found in Australia in Queensland and later in NSW at White Cliffs, then Coober Pedy and Andamooka. White Cliffs was […]

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Opal rings-cost advice

Opal rings-cost advice Opal rings-cost advice-First consideration It’s pretty obvious that you have to think about an approximate budget before committing to buy. It’s possible to buy opal rings from under $50 if you look for low grade or synthetic lab opals (‘lab’ is short for ‘laboratory’ which means that they are man-made) Can you afford […]

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Please note due to Covid19 the post office has cancelled all low-cost freight. Only tracking available at a cost of $25. However, we will be including a gift pendant with each order to compensate.