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solid crystal naivete opal ring

Hi, and welcome to our video blog post “Unique Opal Rings For Sale!”

What do we mean when we say something is unique?  Well i guess it means that you don’t see many of them, thats why. Well there are a lot of unique things on our planet but some things are not just unique, they are so individual that there is not another one like them on the planet. A bit like humans. I guess we all notice that sometimes you see people that look very similar but NEVER exactly the same. Just like identical twins. They are not REALLY identical.

Why do we say that each opal is unique?

The reason is that even if the stone has been cut from the same piece of rough opal as another opal, they are STILL individual. The color and the overall presentation might look the same or similar, like the ring shown here but if you look closely you will see that the patterns are different and the colors are arranged by nature in a totally different way to other similar stones. This is much more pronounced with other types of opal. Here we are looking at two crystal opals and the DO match rather well but….

When you see boulder opals, you see an even greater example of uniqueness

Because often boulder opal color comes mixed up with ironstone and all sorts of other bits and pieces of natural material meaning that there is absolutely no similarity to another stone anywhere. However people who appreciate earthy styles of jewelry are not hampered by old fashioned ideas saying that everything must match perfectly. nothing in nature is like that so as long as the opal is in the same THEME as another opal, to many folks who like natural gemstones, its is more than acceptable.
Below we have created a quick little video displaying the style of rings that we have for sale at opalmine
After watching the video if you feel you found something that you like or want to order something similar please feel free to contact us today, we would be more than glad to help!

I hope you enjoyed the video? If you would like to see more of our Opal Jewelry please click the link provided!
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