Opalmine Social Media links

Opalmine social media links


Opalmine information and connections

Opalmine has submitted many interesting videos, commentaries and graphics throughout the pages of the internet. Please take a look at our new Pinterest pages shown below where you can pin our pictures and share your own.  also review the other social sites and feel free to ask questions or make comments throughout as well as in the www.opalmine.com blog.



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAP0WadI0fM&list=UUruIrEBdBbEaWcZjn_RZLUQ&index=1&feature=plcp  http://www.youtube.com/BuyAustralianOpal




Other Opal information

We have other videos and sources of material on the subject of opal that cover the whole history and geographical locations of the opal mines. Also information about how to cut and polish the stones and make a business out of it. Please leave a message in the blog below if you would like to find out how to get these special videos for free. Please continue checking at this site for lots of information already listed.  Opal cutting, opal mining, setting jewelry and selling it. the opalmine social media links shown here is a good start.


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