Opalized Pliosaurs, rough opal and other fossils

Rough Opal is often found in the form of ancient sea creatures

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Such was the case in regard to ‘Eric’ the Opalized Pliosaur which was found in the famous White Cliffs Opal mine in South Australia. Other specimens have been found at Coober Pedy and in fact throughout the opal fields of Lightning Ridge in New South Wales, Yowah, Koroit, Quilpie, Blackall, Winton and surrounding areas in Queensland all sorts of fossils of who knows what have been found. Amazing looking formations that approximate the shapes of a pineapple have been found at White Cliffs. There seems to be no end to the amazing items to be found in the ground. Particularly in the Australian Outback.

I paid $300 or so for one spinal disc from a Pliosaur in Andamooka and here is the picture.

Also we show pictures of Rough Opal,Opalized shells, snails, and other interesting records of ancient history preserved in the form of opal. Some with no play of color. Others with the most magnificent colors you could imagine.

Opalized Shells and Ancient Sea Creatures turned to stone

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Excerpt from this summary: Pliosaurs are actually aquatic carnivorous reptiles, not dinosaurs. ‘Eric’ was a small, short-necked Pliosaur and and was discovered by a miner in Coober Pedy in 1987. ‘Eric’ is one of the most complete opalised vertebrates known and became part of the fossil collection of the Australian Museum in 1993 after money to purchase the specimen was raised by the schoolchildren of Australia (with the help of Akubra Hats). ‘Eric’ is currently on display at the Australian Museum.Opalized-Pliosaurs-rough-opal-and-other-fossils -5

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  1. Forrest

    Where was the picture on the top left taken? I went to Australia when I was ten and remember taking a picture of that exact thing, but cannot remember where I was.

    • admin

      Forrest, nice to meet you. the opal fossil simulation was taken in Andrew cody’s shop in Sydney. Andrew is an old friend of mine and he has a marvelous opal museum in his store. hope you enjoyed your visit to Australia. Hope you can make it again one day. Very best wishes, Peter

    • admin

      forrest. re opal pliosaurs. did i get back to you about this? peter


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