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Genuine Opal Ring Genuine Opal rings. So many people search online for a “genuine opal ring” and i guess they put the word genuine there because they know there are so many opals as with all other gemstones that are not … Continued

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    Go here for full details Boulder opals are from the western Queensland Australia, opal fields. This particular opal pendant is set in sterling silver with a bezel surround.

Opal Jewelry Boxes – rings

Here is a selection of opal jewelry boxes for rings that can be ordered and come free with opal rings. please email peter AT and let us know your preference.   Go here for full selection    

black opal underground interview

Black opal underground. The internet takes us to places we would never have found in one lifetime. This  interview with “black opal” miner Butch McFadden takes us underground at Lightning Ridge, Western NSW, Australia.  Lightning Ridge is the home of the … Continued

Black Opal-0001

  This glorious dark “black opal” from the Lightning Ridge opal field, the home of the famous “black opal” in Western New South Wales, Australia is a rare example of a perfectly cut high domed oval stone suitable for a ring … Continued

Black Australian Opals

“Black Australian Opals” are from the Great Down Under in Australia and it’s where the “Black Australian Opals” are from. These rare stones are called “Black Australian Opals” and most jewelers that have high end stores are profiting from these … Continued