Opal Fields Humor – Larfing is good for yoo

Opal fields Humor- It gets pretty hot and sticky at Lightning Ridge. That’s why a lot of folks head for the coast around November each year and dont go back until about March or April when things cool down a … Continued


Gifts for girlfriend

Gifts for girlfriend? Gifts for anyone can be a challenge let alone someone like your girlfriend who you are really trying to impress. Guys find this particularly difficult because they are more than likely to think in terms of something … Continued


Black Opals

 Black opal-0001 This glorious semi black opal  from the Lightning Ridge opal field, the home of the famous mines in Western New South Wales, Australia is a rare example of a perfectly cut high domed oval stone suitable for a ring or pendant. … Continued

Opal Ring Crystal

  Opal Ring Crystal featuring an unusual faceted opal visit here for full details about this ring Opal Ring Crystal is a term that describes the stone itself.  The term was first coined many years ago when early opal miners in Australia … Continued