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Black Opal Rings have been around for over 100 years 

Along with pendants, earrings, bracelets and other  jewelry, have been around for well over 100 years now. These classic black opal rings and jewelry items were not known on the international scene until someone discovered boulder opal in Queensland.

It was found that by removing the top layer of the dark brown ironstone ‘matrix’ and leaving the ironstone in the back of the opal as a base which the opal is ,made from, the whole look of the stone would change from a light color to a dark color.

Incidentally, if you like this ring, please click here to purchase it now, while it’s still available. Its a one off piece. This phenomenon turned opal from a pale gem into a dramatic Multi colored statement of amazing depth.

Boulder opal was not given the name ‘black opal’ although of course it’s obvious to anyone seeing it that it is. Lightning Ridge black opal rings along with pendants is what has become more promoted, but it must be said that many boulder opals have more depth of color at a more reasonable price than Ridge stones.

Combining the opal color in the stone itself with the amazing patterns of the ironstone, creates jewelry that is so stunning and original that you could say there is certainly nothing else on earth like it like them. So whether it be the amazing and very expensive stones from Lightning Ridge like, or the Queensland black opal rings, jewelry made from these stones are very impressive

What are free-form Black opal rings?

There was a time when every one of these stones had to be oval and high domed. This has all changed. Particularly since the use of Dental equipment has becoming common amongst opal cutters. Some of the hills and valleys in these stones that we call ‘undulates’ are just amazing and if the design artist can work with a free form (any shaped) piece, the potential for creativity is greatly expanded.The ring to the left is round in shape but the face is actually split out of the rock and has not been polished by human hands. Completely natural. You can buy it if you like it here

The one below is a good example of a free form black boulder opal featuring the remarkable patterns and colors typical of this stone which can only be found in Queensland opal fields, Australia.

This is mainly used as a man’s ring but of course ladies are wearing really large rings nowadays. if you would like to buy this particularly ring click here.  As with most of our black opal rings this is an original boulder opal from the western Queensland fields.

Black opal rings versus white opals

Both opals are amazing to look at whether in a ring or a pendant. Black opal rings are more  expensive if the quality is high but the color is more dynamic and more obvious. White or crystal opal is more delicate and the color more subdued. It really depends on your taste. Some folks prefer a more subtle color than a dramatic one. Take a look at the extensive range on this site to see some comparisons, and dont forget to check out the boulder opals as well as they are a close cousin to the blacks and sometimes have more personality and natural look.


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